Do we only think we see in 3 dimensions and really only see in 2 dimensions

2 years ago

This actually came up because I was thinking about how we think about the fourth dimensions. The idea is we will never be able to fully understand 4d because we can only really see in 2d. which makes sense. even with both our eyes we can only see what looks like a flat image. We can see distances between objects but isnt that because we see from two different perspectives because of our eyes? or is that all 3d is? is it seeing from two different dimensions? even seeing the way we do doesn’t seem all that different from 2d things. just seeing what we see on a camera, a flat surface, looks the exact same. just with out distance. If we could see in the third dimensions wouldn’t we be able to see the density of all the objects? how far out they go out from all angles. we can see that its 3d by looking at it from multiple angles but if we had to look at and object straight, the only way we can see that it is 3 dimensions is the shadowing of it. right??

11.02.2012 at 11:25 am

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Profile photo of Ryan Ryan (@ryanj) 2 years ago ago

I believe that our brain produces a 2D image but we are able to see the 3rd dimension (close/far) because our eyes cross slightly and the muscles attached to eye’s lens will contract to focus the light the rays coming from the object so that it produces a clear image in our mind.

For example, put your hand near your face then focus on your hand, notice how you see two blurry images of everything behind it? Also works if you focus on something just behind your hand and further away.

Interesting concept anyway! This is true for looking at any screen (Computer, TV, painting/drawing, etc.)

Profile photo of Zykanthos Zykanthos (@chodebalm) 2 years ago ago

There really is no 3rd dimension. It’s called the holographic principle. The universe is, for all intents and purposes, a hologram. It is a 3D representation of a 2-dimensional singularity. There is no 3rd dimension – there is no space. Space is an illusion facilitated by our senses.

Some people call it a hologram, some call it a fractal.

But science is starting to find more and more evidence that shows the universe is holographic in nature.

By the way, the 4th dimension is time, although I would argue that there is no such thing, therefore the 4th dimension is an imaginary construct of the human mind.

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