Do you like my music?

2 years ago

I’m open for anything just listen and tell me what you think.

hears the link

I’m doing this because I am writing or first album now to be released in a month or so and I just wanna know what people think, write what ever. Just be real and when you listen to it try to listen to it for real. plz it would help me out. You might like it and you can download it free so enjoy. I just talked about reality and not bullshit so…

November 25, 2012 at 6:33 pm

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@foolblast, I like it a lot man, and I don’t even listen to this kind of music. It’s truth. Keep it up


@foolblast, real nice warm instrumental backing tracks. Vocal delivery is excellent, but the recording quality (on vocals) is a bit lax. It might just be the phaser effects and verb on it, that seems a little too ‘effected’.

I like the style a lot and really feel the soul of it. Fantastic art. You will go far with this, I think the key will be getting some live shows where lots of people can feel you.

Think of it like painting with sounds and words. The words choices are still a bit grey compared to your vibrant music and style.

The stream of conscious feel is awesome. If I was going over your music I would do things like this:

So sit down with a thesaurus, I don’t mind if you try to ignore us,
Things use to be so easy, but now were all connected like a pizza too cheesy,
But someone’s gotta slice it (and put it on the table), sprinkled with emotion for the willing and able,
Something more important than making quick dough, its about the hearts knowing and the seeds that you sew,
so make it sew fresh from the edge of your mind to attract those dreamers of holographic kind.

stuff like that . . . got to be happy like the music

Profile photo of FOOL BLAST FOOL BLAST (@foolblast) 2 years ago ago

@healingchime, Thanks ! means alot to me that you gave it a listen, and i agree with your ideas. I promise to keep it up and use what you have given me to improve the work. You said exactly what i needed to hear, and wanted to hear.

Profile photo of FOOL BLAST FOOL BLAST (@foolblast) 2 years ago ago

@brandonphillips, Thanks Brandon I will and keep being a fan of real music so that the art can continue in the right path brotha.

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