Does the vastness of the universe prove there is no God?

3 years ago

I just watched this video which shows how massive the universe is. It raised many questions as you can imagine. One of these questions i thought to myself was being as there are billions of planets and stars in a galaxy and there are countless billions of galaxies in the universe, we have to assume that we are not the only form of life. I mean due to the sheer uncomprehensible size of the universe it would be nieve to believe we are the only form of life. Therefore i thought as humans are so insignificant in the universe, why would God care about what me or you did and if we believed in him etc. Religious people preach about how God knows each one of us personally and cares for us, but is this just wishful thinking as surely we mean nothing to him, as we are like a speck of dust in the universe. Do you know what i mean? I’m athiest by the way.

March 21, 2012 at 11:46 pm

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