Embarrassing Confessions

3 years, 6 months ago

Want some easy practice in being vulnerable and not caring what others think about you? Share something embarrassing that you haven’t told more than one or two other people (if any!).

I’ll start it off by saying I love some of the songs by Taylor Swift. I’m a very romantic guy and I like sappy, catchy songs just as much as the next 7th grade girl. I’m glad this is now published on the internet…

July 11, 2011 at 9:50 pm

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Profile photo of Adam Mac Adam Mac (@emceedan) 2 years, 11 months ago ago

I have so many because I’m kind of a dumbass. Bridget, you reminded me of a similar thing that I’m still embarrassed about so I’ll relate that one.

I organized a snowboarding trip and got a lodge for 8 people. We all had one night at a random hotel before getting to the cabin and one of my female friends shared a bed with another buddy of mine. At the cabin the next day, she told me my buddy had done the ol’ sleeping quasi-sexual half asleep groping maneuver. She insisted on sleeping with me for the rest of the trip due to this because she felt comfortable with me. I had a girlfriend at the time (who wasn’t there) and she and I had been long time friends. There had always been a lot of sexual tension between us but I’m a faithful guy. No biggie.

On the last night we all partied extra hard. Since we had one more day on the slopes I didn’t want to be hungover so I drank a ton of water before bed to prevent a mega hangover. I had a dream that I still remember vividly where I had to piss suuuuper bad. In the dream I opened a man-hole in the middle of a street and let loose the best, full torrent piss ever. Unfortunately, what was happening in the dream was happening in real life as well. I woke up in the middle of a mega piss that saturated my side of the bed. I had to pinch it and flee to the bathroom to finish the epic piss all the while thinking “goddamn I hope she doesn’t wake up right now”.

I don’t know if she ever found out. In what was one of the most humiliating and self-conscious moments in my life, I laid on the bed, hogging my side until she got out of bed in the morning so she wouldn’t see the wetness. Yep. I laid in my pee-saturated sheet the whole time.

Profile photo of BirdFlyingHigh BirdFlyingHigh (@birdflyinghigh) 2 years, 11 months ago ago

This is pretty embarrassing because I usually come across as someone who’s a little too cool for school and refined… but I actually enjoy watching Jersey Shore. People would hate me if they knew. Yes, I know that I’m not supposed to like it and that the people on it are “terrible.” I just like watching people party and be shameless about it. Guilty pleasure!

Profile photo of stonedragon stonedragon (@stonedragon21) 2 years, 11 months ago ago

i was seven or so. at a piano recital about to go next. all the parents were there it was in a big hall. i had on a frillypink dress and i was so nervous i peed alot. there was a big pool of pee under my chair. i had to go up to play pee dripping off the ruffles of my dress.
when we got home my brother teased me unrelentlessly for this.
i remember being in my warm pjamas in bed feeling completely useless.

lots of us have pee or poo related stories. it is such a fundamental taboo in western society. imagine a place people can just shit and piss freely where they need to, like animals.!

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