Everything you can think of can be, because you can think of it

 Filip (@filipek) 5 years, 4 months ago

Here is some philosophical thought.

Everything you can think of can actually be possible, because of the fact that you can think of it. If you would not be able to think of it, it would not be possible, but because of the fact that you can think of it, it must be possible, otherwise you would not be able to think of it.

What I mean is: if the neural connections in our brain create a certain thought, this has had to come from somewhere. This thought has been born out of something, because it is not possible to be born out of nothing, that goes against all laws of physics. So where did this thought come from, and why did this specific thought arise, and not some other thought? How would it be possible that something you think of, would not be possible?
Because of these possibilities, we have been able to evolve as a specie, to create and discover new things, and always there are things we think are impossible, while generations later our descendants proof us to be wrong. Is that not ironic?

But then, if this would be true, it would mean that all these idea’s we have, about physics, about biology, about evolution, about nature etc., COULD be true, because of the fact that we were able to generate those idea’s.

December 31, 2012 at 8:07 am
Filip (2,819)M (@filipek) 5 years, 4 months ago ago

@friluftsliv, I do believe so. I mean, time after time, history has proven that the boundaries that we set ourselves, the believes that we build based on theories and reasoning, are invalidated over and over again. Stating that something is the ultimate truth is quite ignorant in my opinion, you can only say that it is the truth at a given moment, based on the facts and knowledge that we posses at a certain point, but that does not mean that this proof will never change again.

Because of the fact that we explore and discover, we find out new things. Because of the fact that we do not state one truth as the ultimate truth, it is possible to evolve, not only biologically, but also technologically. Compare mankind to what it has been 150 years ago, and see the changes, how many changes there have happened. Not only in the outer world, but also from the inside, the way of thinking, our reasoning and thinking capabilities, our intellect and intelligence, it has risen tremendously!

Yes our imaginations are not limited to just fantasy. Going back to my initial questions: where do our thoughts and imagination come from? How is it possible that you can think of something, be it that it is not possible at all? If it is not possible, then how it is possible that you are able to think of it? There must be a source of that, right? Thoughts do not just appear out of nothing. Nothing appears out of nothing, everything appears out of everything. Simple physics: if you put 100% into something, you get 100% out of it, one way or the other.

Alex (16) (@friluftsliv) 5 years, 4 months ago ago

@filipek, right on, i agree about false assumed limitations that end up dictating human’s capabilities. Although I don’t believe that all imaginations come from a source. I believe that some people have the capability of creating entirely new concepts with their minds. Because if you are saying that nothing is truly new and everything is attributed to a source then that in itself is setting those boundaries that falsely limit human’s capabilities.

Filip (2,819)M (@filipek) 5 years, 4 months ago ago

@friluftsliv, Yes, but these concepts are created out of other concepts, do you agree? I mean, there is a source for everything. These new, creative concepts, are new indeed, but they are based on older concepts, from which those are being made. Yes, they are new, because they connect certain aspects in a way that were not created before, and therefore something entirely new can exist, but that is how the evolution of all new idea’s works. Every new idea is a refinement or recreation of older idea’s. But there has to be some kind of source for that. Even if a certain concepts seems so new and revolutionary, it can only exist because of older concepts to which it refers to. I do not mean to say that nothing is truly new, those concepts for sure are new, and I think our imagination and creativity is great, but it is not limitless. I think it can reach as far as reality (in theory) can reach.

Our imagination cannot reach beyond a point where a certain reality could be.

Alex (16) (@friluftsliv) 5 years, 4 months ago ago

@filipek, fair enough… I understand that it is impossible for something to be created without any influence from previous things. I guess I’d just like to believe that our imaginations are limitless but in the end reality (in theory) does constrain everything.

Dreamer (25) (@heartbeat) 5 years, 4 months ago ago

@filipek, if you mean enlightenment, then some people are guided, gifted or awake(ned) more than others so they remember things that others don’t seem to remember, but when you tell it they recognize it somewhere..and some people are just not aware of what they know inside, because they are looking outside themselves, that is normal now these days to learn external knowledge of this reality world instead of looking inside..

i remember/learn so much non specific knowledge..i guess some things are close to me..

I believe everyone has access to potential inner knowledge if one believes, but God decides what you eventually know, not the sender, not the receiver if they are creatures (entities, people, places etc) , so i don’t know if you can really speak of interconnectedness because everything depends on the Source..but that is how we learn/understand/feel/grow as creatures..to interact to tune in to learn to understand to reflect to yourself..

and i do question myself where thoughts exactly come from (maybe we are receiving), but i also know some thoughts are just not right but again it depends how you look at it, but thinkin that believe influences this reality and at least perception of this reality, it means that thoughts should be always the best thoughts ever..:o

ok bye

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