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2 years, 9 months ago

As a kid when I thought of infinity, it only made sense in terms of whole, real numbers. 1 could double to 2. 2 could double to 4. 4 could double to 8, etc. You could carry on doubling numbers until you eventually died having achieved nothing in your life other than the ability to count incredibly high. Starting at zero and growing, i imagined a line with a notch for every integer, that would carry on forever with each of those numbers being made up at least in part by the numbers along the way. However one day, I realized that in between each of those notches, were another infinite amount of values. Infinitesimals, numbers so small and near in value there would be no way to measure their difference. That was the day my mind exploded.

Now, space is a concept NO ONE will ever truly grasp. Moving from an atomic level upwards, everything is made up of everything in it. We, and everything around us, are just trillions of atoms and cells moving in perfect harmony. These billions of cell bunch clumps make up the world and that world and others like it, make up a galaxy, and other galaxies along with that make up the universe. What’s beyond that? There must be something. Just because we don’t know now, doesn’t mean we won’t eventually. Just because we can only see so far down the line, doesn’t mean theres nothing.
If you look out at the ocean, all you see is ocean up to that horizon line. Starting at the shore it just gets larger and larger until you can’t see it anymore. Is it so crazy to think that on another level, we are the atoms of something much larger than ourselves? Maybe neither we, or the being on the other end of that spectrum are just able to see far enough down the line. We are infinitesimal in comparison to them. However, inside each of our atoms could reside entire universes, made up of entire universes that we are presently unaware of due to our technological restrictions. In comparison we are infinitely large in comparison to them.

We are infinite.

July 27, 2012 at 7:45 am

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Profile photo of Tom Tom (@420dreamsheep) 2 years, 9 months ago ago

Read Pascal’s account of the double infinity :)

Profile photo of Ray Butler Ray Butler M (@trek79) 2 years, 9 months ago ago

The way we measure things corresponds to known points of reference, because of the speed of light and the time and distance it takes to reach Earth from the sun we can distinguish between things. The way we see the universe depends on this programming, light has programmed in us naturally, and so an ant is smaller than an elephant, noticeable just by looking at them.
The reality of an infinite universe is that there is infinitely large and infinitely small, but as these are both absolutes there is no reasonable way to distinguish between the two, an ant and an elephant are exact in proportions to each other. In an infinite universe that which is small and useless is indistinguishable from that which is large and vital.
We see that everything exists between infinitely small and infinitely large but that is also not possible for anything to exist between them because there is no between them, they are the same thing. With infinitely large universe there are infinite centres to the universe, or the universe is its own centre, size and location are irrelevant in the infinite universe.
Every value we have is artificial, the theory of the infinite universe can easily be associated with the philosophies on Nihilism, look into that. But take care in exploring Nihilism, a heads up: Some people see it as an education in the valuelessness of everything, I see it as a way to liberate from attachments which leaves you free to assign any value you choose to anything.

Profile photo of  Anonymous (@) 2 years, 9 months ago ago

The fact that there are different infinities should blow your mind;

For example:

As x goes to infinity, f(x) also goes to infinity.

As x goes to infinity here, f(x) also goes to infinity.

f(x)= x/x
As x goes to infinity here, f(x) simply goes to 1 (and stays at 1 with any x)

f(x) = 3x/x
HERE, as x goes to infinity, f(x) goes to 3. The importance? Infinity divided by infinity does not equal 1! It equals 3. This is a product of different infinities. Think about it; don’t you think that 3* infinity = infinity? Yet 3 * infinity / infinity is not the same as infinity / infinity!

f(x) = x^2/x
HERE, as x goes to infinity, f(x) goes to infinity! Meaning that x^2 is actually so much more “infinite” than infinity that it cancels out infinity! Incredible! Why isn’t infinity / infinity simply just 1? Again – different types of infinities.

Inifinity isn’t so small anymore!

Even more incredible:
As x goes to infinity here, f(x) goes to the number “e” or 2.718…. Another product of different infinities – 1/infinity (zero) and 1^inifinity (1) does not equal 1. An incredible mind boggler!

Profile photo of finner finner (@finner) 2 years, 9 months ago ago

Beautifully said :)

Profile photo of M.Johnson M.Johnson (@moozy) 1 year, 10 months ago ago

@ijesuschrist, this response is incredibly late, but seeing it all written out is bonkers.

@420dreamsheep, that’s crazy. I’d never read that before but it is essentially the same thought I had when I wrote this.

@trek79, great point about everything being a reference point though. I assume everything seemingly only holds value in comparison to everything else so stripping that away would be result in complete freedom.

@finner, if that was directed at me, thank you.

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