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Reality is merely a different degree of the same oneness we are all blessed to experience. When we realize this truth, it all comes to the extent of our personal knowingness. Once completely alive to it, we allow ourselves the universe. And no matter the tangent your joutney unfolds along, you begin to notice why where you are and why, is exactly where you need to be. Then the wonder of the world will remain beauty. That is all.

December 14, 2012 at 1:21 am

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@darryl, You say oneness, but you also say that we are blessed to experience it. If it is in fact a oneness, being singular, than what else is there to experience? If there is nothing else then there is not necessary that one be blessed to experience it.
It’s nice to hear yet another person is experiencing ‘cosmic consciousness’ but be aware of, what C.G. Jung refers to as, ‘inflation’.

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@alanwatts, And again Allan, too right dude. We are the singular beginning to understand the true oneness. We still battle the words of language. We try quantify all that is in human created ideas, human breated words. But what is is all that and beyond. Everything is just an event that is occuring right now in everything that was and is to be. A singular now, occuring, epanding, glowing, growing, being.

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