Feeling of pleasure

2 years, 7 months ago

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all doing great!

I’ve been thinking much about life in general lately and about pleasure and happiness being the two most important and exciting parts of our existence, along with love. And I have tried to feel that pleasure as much as possible. However through every single way of having pleasure, I’ve always felt something was missing in order to get what I would call “full-pleasure”.

Here are some examples:
– First thing to talk about would be sex I guess.. I’ve never really discussed that with any of my girlfriends I had sex with as it would be a little embarrassing to say “Hey, I can’t feel full-pleasure when having sex with you” haha I think it would have been highly inappropriate… Plus I’ve had that feeling every single time with all the girls. I mean it’s like feeling pleasure at 99% but having a percent missing somehow…

– I took some mushrooms and other psychedelics trips and had the exact same problem! I was feeling so damn good, but there was still THAT thing missing! That bloody thing! haha

So I have the feeling that full-pleasure is not attainable/reachable, that THE one thing is missing to make my whole body and mind up to a next level of pleasure…

I just wanted to share it with you, and to know if some of you have had the same feeling as me :)

Thanks a lot for your reading and/or answers!


June 7, 2012 at 3:33 am

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Profile photo of Nick Nick (@nickc2007) 2 years, 7 months ago ago

I feel like I know what you mean. I think it’s something to do with what you expected vs. what you got. Even if you weren’t expecting anything specific, the fact that it has changed from infinite possibility into a finite reality can leave a certain sense of unfulfillment.

Profile photo of Sasho Stoyanov Anonymous (@) 2 years, 7 months ago ago

@frankidelics, Hi ! There’s a short story by Jorge Bucay you reminded me of, but I’ll share it in a new discussion, because I was already discussing it in a public gathering. You have to love literature though!. Check it out. Something is always missing for some reason. :)


Profile photo of luigi luigi (@luigiblue) 2 years, 7 months ago ago

How do you measure “full” pleasure? If someone says they had it, could it be that even they haven’t felt it yet? Maybe death is the ultimate pleasure experience, maybe it’s not. I have pleasure during sex, to me it feels amazing, it feels 100%..but then i’ll have sex with someone else and it will feel even better, making that experience 100% and the old experience like 80%. So what the hell do I know…there is always something missing because there is always something better.

Profile photo of cosmicloner cosmicloner (@cosmicloner) 2 years, 7 months ago ago

I know of this feeling….however, I have felt full pleasure before…It feels like I’m whole and everything is ok. I feel as if I’m floating in water that is the exact temperature as my body and I sort of…forget that my body is even there…like I just…am. It feels good.. I just sucks when you have to go back to reality…and the terrible uncertainty of whether or not you’ll feel that way again or how soon you can again. That’s just my interpretation of course.

Profile photo of Frankidelics! Frankidelics! (@frankidelics) 2 years, 7 months ago ago

Hey! Thank you everyone for your answers and suggestions!!!

@luigiblue, That’s funny that you’re talking about “death” as the possible ultimate experience, as it already came to my mind several times..! Well as you said, maybe it is death, maybe it isn’t and we cannot know. But there’s still a little doubt ;)

@alexandriabee, I am not sure we are talking about the same thing here! Maybe I wasn’t accurate enough in my first message…! I mean, I know it’s not about living in the present moment..I’m already trying to live in the present as much as possible, and I believe my life to be very “present-orientated” :)
It’s more about a physical feeling actually… I have the feeling each time I feel physical pleasure that there is one thing inside me that grows when pleasure comes it grows, grows and grows, but it’s not kicking!!! It needs to kick, to explode! And that moment would correspond to what I think being THE ultimate pleasure…

Some people I talked with about that matter told me about “human sin” etc
They brought me back to the garden of Eden, that story of the apple (which corresponds to an image of Aminata mushrooms for some) and the fact that we, humans, have failed. And that THE one thing I am talking about has been “removed” from us, and that we cannot feel full-pleasure because of our original sin.
But I’m not sure about that either!!!!

That was just some thoughts I wanted to share with you!!!


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