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im about to try for the first time some latvian amanita muscaria and i was wondering if i should follow any protocol or ritual or what ??? any body thank you all

12.15.2012 at 7:50 pm

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Keep in mind that this substance is a deliriant. This means that it is not akin to magic mushrooms or lsd. Experiences on this substance can be incredibly confusing and difficult to integrate, and the experience can also be unpleasant. Think of a psychedelic PCP. I’ve had the opportunity to try amanita muscaria, and passed up on it. I would highly recommend that you stick with psilocybin mushrooms. Although, as you are decided on trying the substance, just be sure that you are in a safe setting, maybe deep in the woods or in you bedroom. Experiences on this substance are overwhelmingly neutral in nature, as opposed to the largely positive reports of other psychedelics. This is why they are not illegal, much in the same way salvia isn’t illegal because of its generally not quite positive effects. That said, you can very well have a positive experience, just make sure you are comfortable mentally going into it.

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