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Anonymous (@)    3 years ago

I found this video on Facebook. Its a great video and a must watch.

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Avatar of Andy
Andy (@andy)3 years ago ago

cute. thanks for sharing!

Avatar of Bushido
Bushido (@rotsen)3 years ago ago

Interesting video.. I like!

Avatar of Alex Eastman
Alex Eastman (@alex)3 years ago ago

Wow :) If only we could all see that way. It’d be a better world.

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Anonymous (@)3 years ago ago

I wonder what mine would say…

Avatar of Brittany
Brittany (@kazz)3 years ago ago

I love this!

Avatar of Pavel
Pavel (@pablinov)3 years ago ago

wow, pretty strong. Thank you

Avatar of James
James (@tanner)3 years ago ago

Haha its so cheesy… but at the same time so right.
I like it

Avatar of mitch
mitch (@mitch)3 years ago ago

wow… that was quite moving.

Avatar of Amanda
Amanda (@amandabeth)3 years ago ago

We all need a reminder sometimes…