Going to Hell with Magic Mike 50 Shades at a Time?

2 years, 7 months ago

I normally try to stay objective and open minded on many subjects. However, when it comes to politics and religion, everyone knows to tread lightly because somewhere you are bound to step on a landmine and everything’s going to blow up. I am, however, finding it hard to shut up these days when it comes to entertainment. I am not going to make some people happy but that’s okay. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Maybe it’s because I am a Pure Romance Consultant and i promote sexual health and well being for women and maybe it is because I have been raised to accept everyone regardless of age, race, or sexual orientation. These days it just seems as though people are really getting their panties in a twist over nothing. What brings me to put this subject out on the table, you ask? Well let me tell ya.

I just got done reading a blog from a young Christian lady regarding the movie Magic Mike and the 50 Shades book series. She feels that it is very “unchristian” to endorse this type of, what she calls “Mommy porn” and repent. She made the argument of women being livid with their men if they were to flaunt about their excitement over their latest issue of Playboy magazine. I am not saying this woman has no right to her opinion, and she does make a rather compelling argument for the very religious minded folks. I do ask one question though. If you are livid because your man is talking about the latest issue of Playboy, would you rather be upset and confront it or would you rather have him hide from you that he is reading the magazine to begin with? I would think keeping these subjects secret from each other would cause greater issues than having them exist to begin with! The point of having a relationship with someone is to be able to communicate and trust them. The books and movies exist for the sole purpose of entertainment, even pornography. Those who choose to use these forms of entertainment as outlets for an adulterous lifestyle is their choice. It is sad but we can’t prevent other people from doing what they choose. It is up to everyone to make their own decisions and you can’t help those who don’t want to help themselves.

Then comes the subject of banishing this type of “smut” completely. Sure, you could do that and make all “adult entertainment” illegal, but let’s face it, it is only a matter of time before people are going to rebel. Look at prohibition. America tried to outlaw booze. It got in people’s hands anyway and eventually the government realized how stupid it was to try to prevent it from the beginning and just let it go. Fact of the matter is that these forms of entertainment are going to exist whether the people choose them to or not, even the religious community. We can complain all we want to about how “unchristian” it is to have these things and how if we were “good and true Christian people” we would refrain from this unclean material. It all comes down to will power and choice. No one is forcing you to partake in this entertainment and if you choose not to, that is your prerogative. However, there are many many people who enjoy adult entertainment, whether it be pornography, books, racy movies etc. They enjoy it happily, and honestly and sometimes relationships rekindle or thrive because of it. If there is proper communication these tools can be used appropriately.

It is of my opinion ( and remember, this is MY opinion! Opinions are not wrong…) that just because i read a book or watch a movie, I am going to Hell or I am a bad person. I do things that make me happy. If i want to watch a movie about a male stripper, or read a book series about an unconventional love affair, then so be it. I really don’t think God is going to be angry with me because I am happy. He only wants us to be happy on earth and to be happy with ourselves, find love in Him and ourselves and make the most of the time He has allowed for us. We could go at anytime. I have seen enough deaths in the past year to know that you are never really sure when He is going to call your number. So why spend your time worrying about if you are pleasing Him? If you are pleased and happy, so is He. It is really all it boils down to. Treat others with respect, be happy with yourself and love yourself. On that note, who is going with me to the midnight DVD release of Magic Mike when it happens?

July 6, 2012 at 1:52 pm

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