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Hi everybody!
I come from Serbia, a small country in Europe.
I have been visiting this site for almost half of a year and I have decided to register so I can discuss with others who have same interests like I have :)
First of all, I like reading books, watching documentary movies, self improving(learning new languages, etc.).
I play the guitar and the piano and I love classic, rock(grunge, punk) and reggae music.
I am 17 years old and I would like to study psychology,philosophy or English language and literature.
My favorite books are ,,Awareness” by Anthony De Mello, Herman Hesse’s books, ,,1984” by George Orwell and many others :) .

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@aliceinchains9, Welcome to HE! Are you a tennis fan? Novak Djokovic is unreal

You seem to be interested on some really positive and productive activities/hobbies, keep it up!

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Anonymous (@)2 years ago ago

Ahoy, Balkan neighbor! I’m familiar with some Serbian curse words. Nice taste!

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I am not really a tennis fan, but I watch all of his matches :)
And I’m glad to hear that, I’ll keep it up for sure :)

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Ahoy, neighbor :) Oh yes, we have a lot of curse words xD Thanks :)

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Bryan Hellard (@xyver)2 years ago ago

So what do you think about the phrase “Hakuna Matata?”

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Hey sweet tumblr :)