Higher level of consciousness?

2 years, 1 month ago

Do you feel like at some point in your life you reached a higher level of consciousness? Was there a drastic shift in your mindset and way of thinking that transcended your lower level of consciousness to a higher level of consciousness?

For me, without intending arrogance, I feel my way of thinking is much higher than in my past. I’m just not certain whether there was one particular epiphany or thought that without which I would NOT have reached this higher consciousness. thoughts?

December 4, 2012 at 12:49 am

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Profile photo of Ben Abrams Ben Abrams (@benabrams) 2 years, 1 month ago ago

I know what you are talking about, except mine changes every day, some times forward, sometimes back, but it seems to steer toward the better; and where I want my level to be.

Profile photo of CaoimheS CaoimheS (@caoimhesweeney) 2 years, 1 month ago ago

Definitely but I don’t think mine was quite the sudden jump a lot of people seem to have. My level of consciousness has been gradually increasing since I was a child and the more I experience and learn, the higher it gets.
I know I haven’t reached what would be considered enlightenment as of yet but right now, I’m happy with the situation I’m in and would prefer to get my university course over with before concentrating on purposely attempting to achieve a higher level of consciousness.

Profile photo of TheSkaFish TheSkaFish M (@theskafish) 2 years ago ago

“Do you feel like at some point in your life you reached a higher level of consciousness?”

No, and this concerns me. Planning to make a thread addressing this in the near future.

Profile photo of Learn&Love Learn&Love (@awildkyle) 2 years ago ago

I have been through this, gradually over time as well as a couple specific shifts that I can recall. For example on the way home from my first rave me and a couple friends were rolling and talking about how we interact with people, it started off as strangers but then we got into relationships with friends. It sounds a little obvious and odd now but I realized how we are all the same on some level and how easy it really is to relate to each other. Ever since then I’ve had a lot of legitimate connections with people and I think it’s chiefly because of my ability to relate to who they are and what they have to say.

I think these shifts of consciousness come from discussing things with people we don’t normally discuss such as behavior and interactions. I don’t mean to be “that guy” but I also feel like drugs play an intricate part in this because after my first few experiences with each new substance I’ve tried I’ve felt like I’d grown a little as a person. They’ve helped me perceive the world around me and relate to people in new and amazing ways that I can continue to apply and grow from.

@theskafish, If you are looking to evolve your way of thinking and looking at things I would suggest some reflection over experiences you’ve had and how they’ve changed you. How you’ve played a part in different peoples’ lives and how they’ve played a part in yours. Hindsight is 20/20 and you might realize things you hadn’t thought about before. I would also encourage you to talk more openly with your friends about observations you guys have about the world and what is really going on. Big picture, as well as little day to day things. By higher level of consciousness I think we essentially mean being more open minded and accepting of ideas, as well as going about thinking in a different way such as a more positive attitude or a better understanding why things happen the way they do.

Profile photo of Filip Filip M (@filipek) 2 years ago ago

@fadingfootprints, I am reaching a higher level of consciousness every moment of my existence. If I would not, it would mean I would not be learning anything, and I am learning something from every experience in life. That is life, we are changing and evolving constantly, reaching new levels of consciousness all the time.

@theskafish, That is for the same reasons as why you do not see yourself aging or changing: simply because you see yourself every day, every hour, every single moment. It is hard to notice something changing when you do not have a solid reference point.

If you would look back at your consciousness 10 years ago in the same way as you look back at a picture of yourself from 10 years ago (suppose this was possible) then you would for sure see your consciousness having changed.

Profile photo of Razique Razique (@razique) 2 years ago ago

Great question. I think some events in Life ensure the shift. I can’t put a precise date on things coming, as I saw something was going on, then all of a sudden, it sledgehammered me, and my life quickly starting to change in itself (I don’t know what kind of causality should be put there) : someone I meet tells me to read The doors of perception, I discover the shrooms, Waking Life, I meet a girl on the same mindset, etc…
After that, you know something is going on as you notice you are on a path full of surprise.

Profile photo of  Anonymous (@) 2 years ago ago

@fadingfootprints, I’ve always gradually been getting there, but more recently, with thanks to HE I have definitely had more of a shift. And I’m not going to lie, weed helped me get there too. I do still have the occasional day of not feeling all that enlightened, and I get caught up in everyone else’s bullshit, and let it affect me more than it should. Life is a journey though, every day comes with its challenges, and I’m cool with that.

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