How old were you when you found your soul mate?

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Erika (@whereyoulead123)    1 year, 5 months ago

The title says it all. Feel free to share any stories as well, and your opinion on whether or not adolescent “love” is really “true love”.

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napathy (@napathy)1 year, 5 months ago ago

in my opinion we are all soulmates :)

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mksuperman (@mksuperman)1 year, 5 months ago ago

I saw this post at just such a time that I will take the bait. I guess I’m opening a Pandora’s box.

I think “love” can be defined several ways, and so, the answer to your question depends.I am 29 years old. These days, my definition comes straight out of Scott Peck’s “The Road Less Travelled.” This book has been instrumental in getting me through my latest existential crisis. To me, love is the unwavering dedication to the spiritual development of another, and of yourself. Love is not the feeling of being “in love” which is simply the phenomenon of the shattering of egoic boundaries. Love is hard work.

My first “love” was at 16, and with my “best friend.” It had it all, the butterflies, the sex, the completion of one another’s thoughts and sentences, etc… It lasted on and off to 21, and the thing that was lacking was the dedication to the other, outside of the self. When it ended, I endured a crushing depression. I self-medicated with more women, alcohol, and my career. I dated, but I never connected. When I turned 27, I met the woman I thought would be the mother of my children. I felt passionately and deeply in “love”. This time, I thought it was true because I was committed to her spiritual development, and still am. To me, the relationship went beyond chemistry and sex and shared interests. I wanted her to fluorish, and I thought she wanted the same to me. I thought that rather than complete each other, we should share our individual completeness together. I was devastated when she broke up with me, because she felt she couldn’t give me what I gave her. I still love her. I want the world for her. I can’t hate her and I can’t not think about her and I can’t forget her. The harder thing is “loving” myself, and that is my major focus right now. I’ve learned Spanish. I’ve trekked to Mt Everest Base Camp. I’ve camped for 7 weeks straight in the Nepali Himalayas. I’ve surfed. I’ve picked up the ukulele. I’m training as a cardiologist. I’m on two antidepressants. I meditate. I quit alcohol. I still indulge in marijuana. All those things may be making me more well rounded, but the reason I exist on this earth is to “love” – her, others, myself, everyone. So I think what I have now, but is hard, and is closer to what I feel love should be.

What I will say, to conclude, is that love is the most enriching and most painful experience in life. Good luck. Learn to appreciate the pain for the way it forces you to evolve.

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kaysteady (@stereofidelic)1 year, 5 months ago ago

I have a friend whom I believe is my soul mate. However we have both talked about the topic in depth and never had physical attraction or romantic attraction toward one another.
In the broad sense, someone hears soul mate and thinks in unbridled love. I found this to not be the case. I met him in my Freshman year of college when I was 19.

In an odd case of events, a friend that I grew up with had started dating my “soul mate.” In a very short time they found themselves to be incompatible. This friend I grew up with was a bit of a man eater, and in the series of events, chewed him, and spat him out. In the small conversations I had with him, we discovered we were interested in the same things spiritually. After a couple of months of banter that we shared about politics, religion, etc. I decided to take a shot and asked him out for coffee. What happened them strengthened our friendship because we had so much to say to one another. The conversations we have till this day get me so excited. We have both come to the conclusion that we are almost partners in crime. Every time we talk, we get closer to opening Pandoras box… or at the very least, trying to pry open our Third eyes. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone with a soul as in sync as his is with mine… and not have an ounce of physical attraction toward one another. Odd.

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ELI var namnet (@manimal)1 year, 5 months ago ago

In your way of measuring, when I was -9 months old.

A moment after I became a sperm cell.

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Ellie (@tangledupinplaid21)1 year, 5 months ago ago

@whereyoulead123, At this moment in time, polyamory makes the most sense to me… I do not physically express this belief because I have a current significant other (I reject the titles boyfriend/girlfriend because it changes the relationship for me) who I prefer to spend my time with over others. However I am capable of being attracted to and loving/”liking” other people.

I have been completely upfront about this from the start, and it has caused problems a couple times. We are absolutely amazing for each other, but there are discordant areas in the dynamic, such as his insecurity and drinking problem(both things I accept but bother me at certain times), his hesitation toward spiritual things, and my ability to connect emotionally(to males especially) and be sexually attracted(to females especially) to other people.
However, he’s the first person I’ve ever been with that has passion for music that is as deep if not deeper than mine, the first musician I’ve ever been with who brings out the best of my abilities and got me back into that passion along with learning new instruments, the first person I can do paintings and drawings with(which are amazing), the first artist, first amazing cook, and we can joke around constantly which is something I missed extremely in my last relationship. I don’t like to label things but is that a “soul mate”?

Here’s an interesting quote I’ve read on the subject, what do you guys think?:

“People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that’s what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life.

A true soul mate is probably the most important person you’ll ever meet, because they tear down your walls and smack you awake. But to live with a soul mate forever? Nah. Too painful. Soul mates, they come into your life just to reveal another layer of yourself to you, and then leave..”

I have a feeling what I have going on is something like that, I hate to say…

AP_RESURRECTION (@AARISHPATELL)1 year, 5 months ago ago

i think the only soul mate in this world for me is me.

besides that, it comes down to finding someone who is the same way i am and who fits well with me. that isn’t one person, thats a group of people who have certain traits. i agree its hard to find, but there are 100s of people in the world im sure id be compatible with.

but i found my girl 1.5 years ago and i wouldnt trade her for anyone.

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Swayflo (@swayflo)1 year, 5 months ago ago

@mksuperman, I love this quote and couldn’t agree more.

“To me, love is the unwavering dedication to the spiritual development of another, and of yourself. Love is not the feeling of being “in love” which is simply the phenomenon of the shattering of egoic boundaries. Love is hard work.”

I felt an instant connection with what you wrote here:
” I wanted her to fluorish, and I thought she wanted the same to me. I thought that rather than complete each other, we should share our individual completeness together. ”

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Em (@emily)1 year, 5 months ago ago

@tangledupinplaid21, I think that’s an amazing quote. I think a lot of people hold the idea that you have to hang on to these special people… that you can’t let these special people out of your life… you have to “fight for them.” In trying to hold on to them, I think people just push them further away.

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Johnny Morris (@johnnymorris128)1 year, 5 months ago ago

@mksuperman, Yes, I believe in your statement. A friend and I had been recently talking about the definition of a “soul mate”. In our drunken conversation, my friend explained to me he read somewhere that a soul mate is soemone you are destined for, but may not be exactly what you had been hoping for. He said that a soul mate is someone that comes into your life, via attraction, and turns it upside down. The soul-mate reveals the flaws of yourself, as you reveal the flaws of your soulmate to themselves. The theory interested me, and the more dwell on it, the more I start to believe it, because I am more awake now than I was one year ago today.

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Flynnstone (@flynnstone)1 year, 5 months ago ago

I don’t think we have one soulmate–meaning for me, a soul’s companion on it’s journey (whatever that may be). I think they are the ones who turn our world upside down and help lead us through to new levels of understanding ourselves and the world around us, and that isn’t one person over a course of many years. It takes a village, and all that stuff. At the moment, I almost feel compelled to discuss the soulmates I have been lucky to encounter over the years, but that would probably end up as my longest post ever on here, since I’ma lready in a a rambling mood, just getting home from work at 1am on a Saturday night…yeah, I’ll probably come back to this in the morning.
But, my point is this. I consider soulmates to be people who are not always romantically involved with us because their relation to us as soulmate is beyond sex/romance. Not that it can’t be there, but I consider my best friends at various points of my lfie to be soulmates as much as a lover.

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Filip (@filipek)1 year, 5 months ago ago


I agree with the quote you posted. I do not know what the definition of a soulmate is, and I think one’s definition of the term ‘soulmate’ differs so much as one’s definition of the term ‘God’.

Anyway, say it is this one person you want to spend the rest of your life with, then the definition you mentioned is definitely something I believe in. Not only the fact that it is a mirror of your behavior and ‘helps’ you developing yourself in experience and wisdom, but also somebody who you feel compassionate, unconditional love towards, without attachment towards each other, where you simply want ‘the best’ for each other, without craving, without clinging.

But I think all our relationships with each other should be like that. But I believe in monogamy though, at some point in life. Obviously when you are young you are experimenting a lot, with various people, but at some point I think you should make a decision with whom you want to spend a significant amount of time in your life, especially when you decide to have children. I do no want to say that this should be your entire life, but at least for a time to provide your children with a safe parental environment. And yes, in this particular situation I do believe in the standard, old fashioned type of family with one male dad and one female mum.

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Anonymous (@)1 year, 5 months ago ago

I don’t know about soulmates, but I believe in connections between people that are not physical measurable or byproducts of emotionally-fueled fantasies. By that definition, 20 years old.

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Anonymous (@)1 year, 5 months ago ago

The bigger and generous soul you have, the more similar souls you’re gonna meet. :)

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Han (@infidel)1 year, 5 months ago ago

When I was 22 :)

Before that, I used to have zero conception of what a ‘soulmate’ might be, I thought it was just a romanticised version of a best friend, and that people were making much more of the whole ‘love’ thing than it warranted.

In a way, a soulmate IS just a romanticised version of a best friend, but I find that the best way to describe it is as an extension of self in another person.