i have an idea, what to give for christmas this year…

2 years ago

lets take all our money and give it to the rich! or anyone, who wants money for christmas this year. i don’t have much left, but i collected some coins over the years and i’m willing to give it all away. but i don’t want to carry it to them, so i will give them somethnig hand-crafted: a piece of paper with the amount of money written on it, that i’m keeping here safe for them. worked so far for them, didn’t it? :D
so what do you think?

December 17, 2012 at 3:47 pm

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Profile photo of Matthew L Wynn Matthew L Wynn (@matthewynn) 2 years ago ago

I don’t get it :o

Profile photo of Dan Adams Dan Adams C (@athleticcapital) 2 years ago ago

I feel the same way and wrote the piece below as a way to change internal perspectives on gift giving. Happy Holidays!


“Consumption calls upon no one’s gifts, calls forth none of anyone’s true being. Community and intimacy cannot come from joint consumption, but only from giving and co-creativity.”

Charles Eisenstein

The holidays are quickly approaching and during these times of connection and love, there is often an unconscious pull into the material realm. The art of “gift giving” can be a wonderful thing, however, we must be conscious of the bigger picture and spend our time and energies investing in our communities and local leaders. I wanted to put together a holiday gift guide for the “young hero”, the new generation of creators who will be responsible for the rebuilding of our World. This gift guide serves many different purposes, including the following:

Provide a useful gift resource for the evolution of young leaders. We all want to provide wonderful gifts, why not give something that has “real” value?
Bring attention to the creative work and services provided by “alchemists”, those who have made the conscious choice to bring their dreams to reality. It can be very difficult to confront the adversities associated with this conscious process, so why not celebrate those who have taken the leap to improve our world? “What you do unto others, you do unto yourself”
Bring awareness to the true importance of the holiday and allow readers to grasp their own highest potential.

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