I wrote a "Loser's Manifesto"

2 years ago

I’m just looking for opinions on it. I wrote it for a website my friend and I started. Feedback is appreciated.

A Loser’s Manifesto

This is for people who looked at mainstream life, what with its single homes and American flags and nightmarishly unfunny Office Space reality, and responded by saying, “I don’t care for this.”

If you’ve ever sensed that feeling, don’t let it go. Don’t for a second think you’re wrong and don’t let others persuade you into accepting that mainstream life. It’s been said that listening to your instincts is a good idea. I don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t apply here.

Life in general, when governed by the templates offered to us by the world, is boring. We’re told to work hard, buy nice things and say our prayers. There are complex webs of institutions whose survival depends on us doing what we’re told. Church, government and business all rely on us to do these things.

Yet it isn’t an NWO-orchestrated conspiracy. That, while horrendous, would at least be less boring. No, it’s just more profitable for the world’s power brokers if we color inside the lines.

Perhaps a boring, bland life works for a lot of people. They just might be okay with it. That’s fine. We’re not trying to convert those people.

We’re just saying that one of the most beautiful, liberating moments in your life comes when you realize you don’t give a shit. Hold on to that feeling. From our experience, once you realize you don’t give a shit, pretending to give a shit is almost impossible. Again, we’re not trying to convert people.

We are trying to convince people who feel the same way we do to stay on the right track.

For us, working until retirement “so we can finally start living” is like being dead already. That logic is a justification for perpetually delayed happiness. Killing yourself with overtime to fill your house with gadgets is, to us, equivalent to trading years of your life for a couple of toys. Yes, we agree that X-Box is fun and Ipads are dandy, but what did you miss while you were out slaving away to pay for them? For the big house you could barely afford? For the monthly payments on the Lexus in the driveway?

When we were children, we were all told to “just be yourself.” Nobody says that in adulthood. When you hit your twenties all the sudden “just be yourself” turns into “What do you do for a living?” In the age when your boss can find your Facebook profile and your co-workers read your blog, our personalities are filtered through a lens of what people expect us to be, rather than what we are.

Well, if you don’t like it, say it with us: I don’t give a shit.

Because as liberating as it is to realize you don’t care, the real fun starts when you start to understand there is no good reason for you to remain in the mainstream life. It’s that simple. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.

One of the authors of this website dropped his “real” major in college to pursue a philosophy degree. He now, quite literally, wipes the asses of disabled individuals for a living. The other is a community college dropout who works as a glorified UPS delivery man (but without the benefits or fair union wage). Neither of us has money. Neither of us has the kind of flashy toys which would attract attention of more “successful” people.

We are, in the eyes of most of society, just a couple of losers.

Well we’ve embraced the term. We’re losers and proud of it. The winners might have the money, the nice houses, and go to all the cool frat parties, but we have more fun. We laugh at foul jokes until our jaws hurt. We’ve done every drug on the map (and can tell you where to get them).

The best part about it is we’re lucky enough to know several other losers. Some of our closest friends are rebels, drunks, outlaws, layabouts, thinkers and drug enthusiasts who are smart, artistic, and have critical thinking skills that far surpass those of the winners.

Winners don’t have any fun because they have too much to lose. The mainstream bores don’t have any fun because too much fun will get them fired or, perhaps, tossed into eternal hellfire.

We don’t have that problem. Become a loser with us.

December 29, 2012 at 7:00 pm

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Profile photo of Tia T Tia T (@tiatryggeseth10) 2 years ago ago

@quig, I loved this! Something my parents and I fight about constantly is money. I’m going for to school because I want to someday rehabilitate animals back into the wild and all they care about is a better paying job. Fuck that. I’m following my dream even if I’m broke as fuck for the rest of my life.

Profile photo of HiiiPower HiiiPower (@hiiipower) 2 years ago ago

i like this! I’ve just recently decided to pursue some sort of career in art, i don’t know what it is yet, but hopefully it’ll lead me to the happiness that you guys have :)

on a side note… don’t you think titling yourself as a loser kinda degrades the motto of your manifesto… although titles are pretty irrelevant, i feel there’s probably a better fitting word that could describe those who abide by this legacy… but maybe it’s just the societal name for people who live life in the moment rather than for the future (:

Profile photo of Adam Adam (@moonglade) 2 years ago ago

@quig, Very well written

Profile photo of Quig Quig (@quig) 2 years ago ago

@tiatryggeseth10, thanks and good luck. Money is only as important as you make it. Me and my girl get along fine on about 50 grand a year between the two of us, and more importantly we’re rarely bored.

@hiiipower, Yeah we just want to own the word that people will call us anyway. What are you looking to do in the arts?

Profile photo of chefmarybeth chefmarybeth (@chefmarybeth) 2 years ago ago

Love it. I’d call it the Winner’s Manifesto because the only people losing are the ones still in the gerbil wheel. Jumped off after 20 years and refuse to look back. Never felt more alive in my life!

Profile photo of Peter Peter (@searchingforthetruth) 2 years ago ago

I liked it until I realized that in essence I was a “loser” according to this manifesto. Loser has too many negatives for me..I don’t want to be a loser lol..I am not a loser. I am a winner. So, in summary, I think it is well written..but it fell short for me. I think the ending where you start talking about “winners” and “losers” dilutes the awesome potential of that article. I think the article could a winner..but its a loser. :)

Profile photo of Peter Peter (@searchingforthetruth) 2 years ago ago

To be more specific…you give the reader the impression that..you don’t give a shit what society thinks of you exiting from the mainstream..but then you label yourself as a “loser” is which is contradictory and annoying..

Profile photo of pat pat (@epath) 2 years ago ago

g@quig, I suppose when I was young, I would have loved this, but right now it seems just too black and white. What is mainstream? Using a computer is mainstream. Using a cell phone is mainstream. So is watching t.v., reading best sellers, eating Thai food, etc, etc.

I do agree that you shouldn’t have to be at a job that you hate. Sometimes people, however, compromise in order to survive or feed their families. Not everyone is gifted, creative, and skilled. The best thing to do of course is to become skilled at a wide number of things to further your chances.

I’m not much of a flag waver. I hate the suburban lifestyle but I have friends who like it. I do have a job I like but don’t love…and three months off a year.

“Loser” is a term you embrace because….why? You’re not a loser. You’re an independent-minded person!! Hope you never have to compromise, but most of us do to a certain extent.

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