If you were blind deaf and couldn't feel anything (no pain receptors)

2 years ago

If you were born blind,deaf and couldn’t feel anything (no pain receptors), would you have thoughts or Dreams ? What could you think about if you have nothing to sense or even know where you are.

What are your thoughts on this idea ?

December 30, 2012 at 6:52 pm

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Profile photo of Zykanthos Zykanthos M (@chodebalm) 2 years ago ago

There may be no experience there at all. But then you’ve gotta think about things such as the heartbeat. Can you feel your heartbeat? You still have an operational nervous system, endocrine system, many other aspects of your body that have biological functions.

I imagine that person’s reality would be the inner workings of his/her body.

Profile photo of NickStngl NickStngl (@nickstengl) 2 years ago ago

Vision and audition are the predominant senses in dreams. The occipital lobe, situated in the back of the brain, is considered its primary visual processing center.So i wonder can you really dream without these senses ? I guess you could dream of smells because you olfactory senses are still in tact.

Profile photo of  Anonymous (@) 2 years ago ago

@chodebalm, reckon you put that nice. There is minimalistic outside stimuly so the mind is entraped and maybe is the answer to true identity and originality.

Profile photo of DaJetPlane DaJetPlane M (@lytning91) 2 years ago ago

So long as input is coming from somewhere, I imagine it will still happen. Like you mentioned, smell would give some context to the world (I’d say smell would become a more powerful sense than any of us could ever imagine) and from that would come dreams. Without the parts of the brain capable of intuiting vision and hearing, definitely those aspects would not exist.

Profile photo of NomNomAnon NomNomAnon (@nomnomanon) 2 years ago ago

Assuming you’re lucky enough to be born into a family that can afford to support you in this state continuously, you’d probably be perceiving reality through your sense of smell and the taste of whatever food you eat. If you can’t feel at all, as in totally and completely numb, you probably wouldn’t think too much about any particular sensations and would end up thinking of everything as scents and what to associate to them, like if your mother smells like strawberries and feeds you a certain type of food, you’d realize at the very least that the scent is a friendly one. If you can still feel vibrations and such, you might eventually learn to communicate and feel through knocking and footsteps. I guess over time you would begin to learn through a system of vibrations (like brail but not), and after being introduced to other people’s concepts and ideas you would begin to grow mentally from there.

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