Improving Cognitive Brain Function

3 years ago

Hi Everyone,

HE has many people dedicated to trying to figure out life and better themselves as individuals and as a whole. I feel that what I have found to share fits well in the HE mix as a contribution. I was on StumbleUpon when I discovered this site, called Lumosity. It’s a website based on science and has proven results in improving cognitive brain function, which I find both fascinating and intriguing. Let me explain some knowledge of why it works, in a nutshell.

Some consider being a genius a genetic trait that in some way the brain excels in certain areas. To a point genetics do play a role, but as science progresses, so does our knowledge of the human brain. In short, most everyone has the same brain functions that occur on a day to day basis, and an IQ score is not set in stone, but is now considered to be a measurement of you brain’s development. Each thought involves processes in the brain that can be trained to become quicker, more accurate, and more natural. Lumosity can immensely help with improving those brain processes.

There was an article I read about the science behind the games. (
I recommend giving it a brief reading, or a regular reading if you’re up for it (it’s pretty long).

And here is the link to the website:
There is more than one site dedicated to producing similar results, but Lumosity had much better reviews so I stuck with it, and I’m glad I did.

I really like the site because it sections games by speed, attention, problem solving, memory, and flexibility. It also maps out all your stats so you can pretty much SEE your improvements. When I started, my memory and problem solving sections were very low, as I assumed they would be… Within a month I feel that I have already had definite improvements in my long term and short term memory. For myself, this site may be the best thing (next to meditating) that I ever started.

Thinking actually involves effort. Your brain uses about 20% of your oxygen and 25% of the glucose (sugar) utilization. That’s a lot for an organ that only represents 2% of your body weight.* By increasing your cognitive brain functions it becomes easier to think, easier to remember things, and you stay sharp, alert and more tuned into the world.**


* Source on brain facts:

** The only downside is the small monthly payment, but after personally using it for only a month I think it’s worth it. Try the free trial if you don’t think it’ll do it.

March 2, 2012 at 10:10 am

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