innate ideas and gravity?

2 years ago

I was discussing innate ideas (things we know from birth) today and this popped into my head and will annoy me all night if I don’t think up an answer. So my question is do you think new borns understand the consent of falling? For example if you were to drop a new born child would it feel fear or distress before hitting the ground?

I know it’s an odd question I was just thinking it was one of the few things we may be born with and not be socialized into knowing.

11.15.2012 at 11:45 am

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I think partially it’s innate. My limited experience with psych classes talked about how infants do observe and learn certain things, like conservation. There were a lot of experiments about showing kids something, then covering it up with a blanket or something and asking them if it’s still there. Before a certain age, they said it wasn’t, but after a certain age, their cognitive development was strong enough to know that it was. Interesting topic.

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