~Invictis Imagery~

When I capture the essence of my imagination,

I am in bliss because I can magnify my truest and most beautiful of intentions.

I love the imagery where imagionation can take you,

It can be the most beautiful or the qorkiest of travels.

Nothing in the mind can hurt me, I know that I am safe.

Whether I am in a beautifully lit circus tent taming lions,

while I have fire dancers to the right of me spinning their flames in passionate energy,

and the temptress to the left of me,

luring me to look at her and to be hypnotized by her beautiful stare and six arms moving delicately like feathers;

staring at her is like staring at a fire, burns with desire, passion, and stillness.

Beautiful and brilliant Zion , the Lion King; King of the sun,

roaring loyally and with pride sitting centre stage,

his mane is moving in slow motion,

following the magnitism within his heart and his energy to North of me.

As well as a sea lion to the South of me balancing balls and other objects on his nose,

he is still and sleek….

Or even swimming in the ocean with the beautiful dolphins, tortuises, mermaids, sirens, and the Serpents.

I feel so at home in the beauitful and compassionate energy,

Almost like I am invincible, able to do what I want.

Purely Invictus energy,

The water is as blue as the sky and as clear as crystal,

Smelling of fresh seaweed, the sand, and Earth.

As the waves ripple, I can feel the energry rise.

A storm is coming, I dive as far as I can in the Ocean’s surface,

I meet up with the most beautiful Octopus,

Brightly coloured of blue, indigo, purple, and green.

She was very sweet, she was the compassionate mopther of the sea.

Mermaids, and dolphins were swimming through her tenticles as if she were a playground.

She morphed herself into a slide, as well as a swing set, and a climbing wall.

What a brilliant lady,

Gigantic heart and humble personailty.

I still run her to her every now and again.

I even imagine that I am a runaway Gypsy,

creating by Elixirs and beauty products with magic.

I am a pagan Gypsy, a Goddess of the moon,

Energy that is cleansing and of renewel.

I use a lot of feminine energy in my elixirs,

So I create them at dusk and night fall.

Saying a blessed prayer to the Moon Goddess Diana,

and I even say a prayer to Zion, the Sun God.

I travel through the world in my caravan,

Living a very simple and amazing life.

Aside from my elixirs, I offer tarot readings that I do free of charge.

I feel it is important to warn people of dangers and I want to help heal as well.

I come from Russia but I have travelled to Canada,

I am free to live my Gypsy lifestyle here.

June 20, 2012 at 7:55 am

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