Is anyone really okay with dying?

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BriGuy (@iambrian)01.17.2013 at 2:47 am

I know I’m not! I feel like we’re forced into accepting this, and making ourselves okay with it. Deep down, I don’t believe I’ll die of old age, or anyone in my generation for that matter. I truly believe our technology will advance enormous amounts due to the theory of singularity and we will either achieve immortality or an extremely long life span within my lifetime.

But back to the question….
Are you truly okay with dying? If you had an option to choose immortality, would you choose it? What helps you accept the fact that you and all you know will cease to exist in the only way you have truly known?

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Ray Butler (@trek79)1 year, 3 months ago ago

@flightfacilities, I like the idea that the light at the end of the tunnel is you heading down your mothers birth canal to be born again in baby you, it will be 1979 again and your memory engrams from dead you cannot be sucessfully transfered to baby you because baby you has not established the neuropathways to support dead yous memories.

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night (@night05)1 year, 3 months ago ago

I am. I just joined HE & this was first thing I saw. I am okay with dying. I only fear suffering terribly for a great length of time. I am okay with dying because I know I am not only a body but also moreso a spirit. Spirit is eternal. Therefore, I will never die. What is it you fear of dying? The pain/suffering? Or the being ‘gone forever’ like game over? I don’t know how I follow on here yet so I hope I figure it out

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night (@night05)1 year, 3 months ago ago

& this is the most difficult & painful realm I hope to ever exist in…this life in this body. I welcome ‘death’….death of this body…just not by suicide as I don’t want to be in greater difficulty when I am put elsewhere/ redoing life. I attempted suicide 2 times, I was on life support equipment both times, & now grateful I was since I know what I now believe to be 100% true. I claim no religion at all.. :)

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Jhubel Canilanza, RN (@jhubelcanilanza)1 year, 3 months ago ago

@iambrian, I saw deaths almost hundreds for 4 years during my internship… and I’m always feel sad.
but if you’ll ask me for immortality? Considering my beliefs.. No, I will not stay here on earth..

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Ray Butler (@trek79)1 year, 3 months ago ago

I like this idea called eternal recurrence or eternal return. I don’t really know how it would apply to life/death/afterlife but I have some theories.
The idea behind this is that: If the universe is infinite then the reality we know will reoccur an infinte ammount of times, as will every possible alternative. As quantum physics theory has postulated that the universe likely operates on an infinite variable, that is mathematically definable, this theory actually becomes a whole lot more relevant to us now.

Some theories I have about it are: you die an infinite ammount of times in your life time, every step you take is a step where you have dropped dead in this infinite variable. Another thing is you never really die because you, as you, is existing at some point in infinite for infinity.

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Some_Ego-reinforcing_Label (@johnkorvac)1 year, 3 months ago ago

Death is nearly as important as life.

We would not be here today if not for death.

Like apoptosis (programmed cell deaths), the termination of lifeforms evolved to clear the way for the diversification of life… without which inter-competition of limited resources would hijack the opportunities for more capable subspecies to leapfrog past the barriers of nature… a diverse gene pool increases probability of survival in an ever-changing environment…

with exceptions of trees in forests that live for millenniums or certain corals in oceans living hundreds, ancient colonies of species that thrived typically endow short lifespans…

but keep in mind evolution works at multiple levels, simultaneously…

the fear of death in sentient beings evolved as a means to prolong their survival… just long enough for procreation and protection of offspring… this intrinsic fear, however, begets a cascade of behavioral side-effects plaguing humanity, not just at a personal level which we experienced ourselves.

Though this Darwinian model may help me cope with our eventual demise, and the heart-wrenching departures of our loved ones… i’m fully aware that when judgement day arrives, those instinctual adverse reactions toward death processed in our lower, primal brain lobes will surely override said rationality in the outer lobes… i will react squeamishly like the third apes that we are, on that one grave day… hopefully not days…

until the day death knocks on my front door, i will try to live each moment knowing that the tabooed concept of death is actually a gift disguised in black (like rain)… a sacred heirloom, responsibly passed down from one cell to the next, and one life form to the other… a collective, sacrificial ritual performed by all lifeforms on Earth, for billions of years…

i will accept this grand gesture as much as i accept day followed by night… with deep reverence to our past ancestors… with shared camaraderie with our present relatives (encompassing all cohabitants of this planet)… and with compassionate hope for our future descendants.

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I believe dying is a concept none of us know or really understand, but understand that it is a part of life and is going to happen at some point, therefore, we all try to make ourselves as comfortable with the idea as possible. Either by believing in a religion that promises another wonderful life after death or that we will come back on earth somehow etc. Me, personally, I have no clue what will happen to me when I die. None of us do. So, I just want to live my life to the point to where when I am dying or when its my time or whatever, I am content and ready to pass on to something new.

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madonna (@danfontaine)1 year, 3 months ago ago

@, Ya good points lmao.

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madonna (@danfontaine)1 year, 3 months ago ago

@iambrian, Good shit I am in agreement
@robertproctor34, Hey fuck off prick ;) Sometimes mankind disturbs me, I probably went too far there.
Thanks for the recommendation – sounds like an interesting read.

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Otherwake (@otherwake)1 year, 3 months ago ago

I’m perfectly fine with dying– just not soon. I haven’t lived long enough and attempted to accomplish enough yet.

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Shivvy (@shivvy)1 year, 3 months ago ago

I’ll cross that bridge when it is time. Everything in the universe points to rebirth (not in ”I” will be reborn but matter is constantly shifting, think about the stars that blew up to become our solar system and the millions of lifeforms of earth) so who knows what will be next. Being a tree would be dope; just bask in the sun all day and sway with the wind. No bills, no worries, just being.

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Edward Bernays (@edwardbernays)1 year, 3 months ago ago

@iambrian, Not sure if anyone has brought this up (cuz I’m too lazy to read through 4 pages of replies). Complete mortality is impossible. Heres a list of things that a mortality cure could immunize against:

-Getting hit by lightening
-Nuclear technologies
-Getting hit by a car

And obviously the list goes on. Accept what is meant to be and you will feel free. Its like trying to get the extra life in a mario game and wasting 3 lives getting it. Just get to the end of the fucking level and enjoy the game.

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Bungie01 (@abungay309)1 year, 3 months ago ago

Death is something I’ve tried to contemplate more and more on. Not out of fear, but curiosity and perhaps understanding.

I don’t want my life to go by and suddenly I’m 80 years old and wondering where the hell my life went. I want to be as present and aware as possible for it and learn/grow from it and enjoy it as much as I can

I think a lot of People spend most of their lives living as if they will never die (myself included). This causes us to feel its okay to be completely unaware of time or events as they pass. To be caught up in thoughts and try to waste time as much as possible.

When the thought of death comes up, we might suppress it or block the thought so they can continue living a life that “will never end”. When death or near death comes for us, it seems unexpected and sudden, we feel we have not lived, we have regrets. Whereas if perhaps we came to terms with it more, we may have had a better time accepting it and being at peace.

I had a dream a while ago where my city was being bombed and I literally had no escape. It was extremely vivid and real. I watched the bomber planes getting closer and closer and at first it was intense fear and my blood ran cold. Then I thought “you know what, there’s nothing I can do right now, I’m going to die and I think I can accept that”. I opened my arms and welcomed whatever may come next, I died via bomb and woke up.

Ever since that dream, for some reason, I feel more okay with the fact that I will die. It was actually a profound experience for such a short and simple dream.

Anyway, that’s my take on it.

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BriGuy (@iambrian)1 year, 3 months ago ago

Just thought I’d throw this in here. It’s a collections of peoples last words. Quite interesting.

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lazy intellectual (@lazyintellectual90)1 year, 2 months ago ago

I’m for immortality.Why bcoz i love being alive and being alive will mean anything dependent on the circumstances,for now its tethered to the experiences i have with my body.Many see the technology as a vice,a corruption of the natural order;question is how would you know?By virtue of inclusion in the process of our existence technology is in itself part and person of the natural order creating a new paradigm in nature as is with the emergence of any new thing in a self regulating system,in fact one may go far enough to say it was intended as so i.e. mother nature created us to create technology so as to create the paradigm of nature+technology.In essence we strive everyday via advances in all fields of our existence to increase the duration of our experiences in planet as its the greatest gift from our universe to itself.