Jobs and Careers that Really Help People

2 years, 5 months ago

Hello, HE. Today is a lovely day, much like yesterday and the days to come!

Anyway, I’m starting a topic today for a couple reasons:

1) I’ve come to the slow realization over the last couple of months that I like helping people. A lot. I like making a difference. I like reaching out to people who cannot always help themselves and being there when they need a shoulder to cry on. So, why not pursuit a job that allows me to do just that?

2) Well, I don’t know about any jobs that do just that, lol. So, HEthans, what are some jobs–well known or otherwise–that really help?

3) I have an AP paper due tomorrow comparing two jobs I’m interested in, and I haven’t started it. So, please and thank you for your input. I’m also using Bing and Google, but you can only find out so much that way.

I’ll end my cry for help with a question: Do you like helping people and being around people? Or do you prefer doing things that allow you to fly solo? A mix of the two?

September 17, 2012 at 12:52 pm

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Profile photo of kaelyberanek kaelyberanek (@kaelyberanek) 2 years, 5 months ago ago

@kidd, nothing makes me happier than making a positiv difference in someone’s life. And I plan on doing it for a living! I want to be an art therapist. An art therapist is a therapist who uses different mediums of art with their patient. An art therapist Diesnt have to be anything like a regular therapist, or counselor, which is something I like. Sometimes it’s difficult to trust a therapist. You don’t always wanna talk about your personal life and deepest secrets n what not with this person called your therapist…. You don’t know them. You don’t know what they’re like. Being an art therapist, talking doesn’t even have to happen to help. If I was working with clay with a patient body language could explain a lot. Depending on what picture they paint could tell me a lot. The way they handle themselves… Basically a lot of observing. Making art is very therapeutic and meditative. It can help in many ways, and there’s an endless amount of things you could Create in artistic way. Nothing in life isn’t artistic. Everything from the way you talk, what you wear, your lifestyle, the way you write, the way you think etc. so there’s so many different ways to help people being an art therapist. Plus, you’d get to work with all sorts of people! Little kids, teenagers, adults, elders, people with mental illnesses, alzthimers, schizophrenic, anything! …there’s nothing wrong with being a regular therapist, their jobs are very important. But what If suddenly something was to happen like your therapist moving away, or a freak accident that caused a death or something? What would the patient do? Find another therapist to tell everything to? ..not to mention, sometimes it’s pretty difficult to find a therapist you connect with. With art therapy, your doing all this stuff on your own, and this stuff makes you really think, or takes your mind off everything and acts like a sort of escape. You just have someone by you for company an guidance, and if you need to, you can talk and what not. If your art therapist was ever to leave, you’d still have your art projects and paints, or clay, or charcoal, or whatever it is you enjoy using. If I was an art therapist, I’d know I’m not leaving my patients with nothing, I left them with a creative outlet! I feel like this is a very helpful career, and I wish it was more known.

Profile photo of Sean D Stevens Sean D Stevens (@thelaughingfool) 2 years, 5 months ago ago

Every job is designed to help people in the end. Being a nurse caring for an sick patient is really not all that different from being a salesman who provides consumers with the items that make their lives better. Of course, all career paths can be twisted by a shift of context. The salesman may decide he can make more money by convincing people that the junk he’s selling is something they really want. The can become jaded and and provide minimal effort to the patient. In both cases, the context has shifted from helping others to making more money for themselves. So really, it’s all in how you apply yourself to something.

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