Knowledge ,ignorance and blind faith !

2 years, 4 months ago

First of all I want to say I’m not religious in the traditonal sense of the word
so religious readers should not take this ‘personal’ as I’m more concerned with
the the moral of the story and not the story itself.

Now, Lucifer means the morning star. We all know that Lucifer was the angel that fell
from the skies of heaven. We also know that Prometheus in the greek mythology was the
bringer of the fire, and he was punished by Zeus for his actions as Lucifer was banned from the heavens
for bringing light onto humanity. As light and fire
in both senses symbolize knowledge I don’t get why should we praise one god( Prometheus,
he’s everywhere described positively as the god who decided to help humans, to free them from
from their ignorance), and hate the other ( Lucifer, he’s like the main enemy of the mankind as
described through religious view).

Now is the knowledge the freedom, or is it the ignorance ?
Does the truth set us free, or does it bound us by chains ?
What’s what ?

What if Lucifer was trying to open Jesus’ eyes during the three famous temptations.
When Lucifer said to Jesus : ” Jump from this cliff and let’s see if god can save you’
What if Lucifer too was a man who was trying to save another from blind faith ?

Now, I don’t know really if Jesus and Lucifer existed but I know that we
shouldn’t let the enviroment cloud our individuality.
Don’t let the environment(the way you grow up, your parents, your friends, your teachers)
tell you what’s true and what’s not. Nothing is true. Everything is true.
Truth is what you want to believe.

If you want to believe Jesus is the savior of all mankind and Lucifer is the root of all evil
that’s alright but it’s important not to let blind faith condition you to live inside a
vicious circle for the rest of your life. Get out of the box, and if you don’t like it out there
you can still get back into it. Have doubts. You can’t know what’s good if you don’t know what’s bad.

(Additonal material)
In some religion Lucifer brought some kind of knowledge on earth called ‘kabbalah’.
For many people it’s a way of life. It’s said it caused the crusades.
Google it.

December 9, 2012 at 8:49 am

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Profile photo of Almeida Almeida (@xetado) 2 years, 4 months ago ago

You just wrote the Luciferian point of view on the Creation. And the kabbalah is a kind of forbidden knowledge, as there is also the jewish kabbalah, the christian kabbalah. If you want, is a site with some books about occultism.

Profile photo of Filip Filip M (@filipek) 2 years, 4 months ago ago

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