Leonardo da Vinci

2 years, 1 month ago

So i’m watching the history channel about Leo, With my background knowledge of writing a research paper on him in my senior year, I have an idea of how mysterious this Great man really was. He is probably my idol to be honest.
But, there was a point in his lifetime, where he did come up missing, his location was unknown.
And the theory came up with all of his insight of the universe, maybe he was tutored or given knowledge outside of his times realm, and seeing the world from afar.
Then I remembered suddenly a dream I had, or a couple dreams, (I’m serious too haha). When I was around 8 I remember looking out my window and seeing an alien ship with color lights flashing around the outside of my 2 story window landed. Idk if this particular one was a dream but this image has been with me.. ever since? Another dream I had was I was in a clean futuristic silver steal looking vehicle. on a seat that sat like a limo. And i felt the gravity shifting as we sped. I look out of the window and I see earth and I laugh, as if I am on a ride. THIS IS REAL TO ME, A real experience. Another dream I have had is me actually not being a being, but i was literally like going through explosions in the sky, that’s they best way to sum it up. Like I saw what you see for space pictures but they were moving.
Back to Da Vinci, he was an intern in his teenage years for a painter in the renaissance, and he finished a painting of the virgin mary getting the news that she was going to bare a child and he painted an angel, and under xrays the angel disappears, due to him using a non lead paint.


a painting of a ufo, and a ufo gazer?


Odd to me. Along with all of his secret messages he puts in his paintings, inventions of the


military crafts,


and airplanes.


He made dissections of the human body, and studied geology and animals some what fiercely. (From my research paper research) He always felt like he didn’t do the knowledge he carried justice, like he had to keep going with his ideas.. Like knowledge vomit. but he had a struggle to finish any of his ideas. He had an isolated childhood,

Another weird thing the only thing he wrote about his own personal life was about a cave… and his experience with the cave, he believed monsters lived in there.. and he began to draw monsters and weird looking beings.





November 30, 2012 at 12:45 am

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Profile photo of BriGuy BriGuy (@iambrian) 2 years, 1 month ago ago

@cristinelizabeth, I was just watching that too!! It is really interesting. The painting with the UFO gives me goosebumps. Maybe extraterrestrials encountered him, maybe they didn’t. Maybe the drawings are just spawns of his creativity, maybe they’re not. I love how mysterious it all is. I too witnessed what I believe to be a UFO sighting, only a few weeks ago in North Georgia. It was some very mysterious and strange acting lights….could have been some strange government project too though, who knows… there really is no denying extraterrestrial existence though. UFO’s have been spotted all throughout history, too many times to be called a hoax. I don’t like hearing ideas suggesting that we might have been created by them like some science experimenter though, that makes me uncomfortable. I could see maybe being decedents of them, but not a creation.

Profile photo of Starry Eyed BLiND. Starry Eyed BLiND. (@cristinelizabeth) 2 years, 1 month ago ago

@iambrian, Awesomee. I love this show. It is quite extraterrestrial the observations that he did make.. and illustrate. It is all a big mystery that is why I love playing with these ideas and theories with my head because honestly who really knows? No one. Nothing is excluded. They really have been documented throughout history, I just remembered another dream I had where i was at like a petting farm and i got picked up in a really tiny ship with nothing in it just a window and just got dropped off to another barn loll. I think crop circles are pretty cool also, and like the Inca Lines, where there’s an astronaut. Just crazy. One of my theories was that the virgin mary was artificially inseminated cause she was a virgin after all. And after that it’s history lol. If we evolved from monkeys why do they still exist? Ya know? I don’t know? who knows. aha

Profile photo of BriGuy BriGuy (@iambrian) 2 years, 1 month ago ago

Who knows indeed. Everything is just so fun to think about, but the only thing that matters is whats here and now right in front of you, and how you’re going to react to it.You seem to have a lot of those types of dreams, maybe someones trying to tell you something haha. I actually had a far-fetched, half-theory about crop circles. I just observed some correlations between a few things and connected them to crop circles, check it out! http://www.highexistence.com/topic/i-think-i-solved-the-mystery-of-crop-circles/

Profile photo of  Anonymous (@) 2 years, 1 month ago ago

Is it true that he invented scissors?!

I was cutting a roach the other day and just wondered…who thought to make these?

Then I saw later that it was Da Vinci. That’s super cool if it’s true. I don’t know nearly enough about him considering what he did.

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