Looking For 3 HighExistence.com Interns

Profile photo of Jordan Lejuwaan Jordan Lejuwaan (@jordan) 5 years, 1 month ago

**The application process is now closed**

Hey HEthens,

I’m looking for 3 interns to help bring HE to the next level :)

Social Media Intern – In charge of posting as HE on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit & StumbleUpon. Also manages the weekly email newsletter (coming regularly to you all soon!) You should have at least one social media account with a large number of followers in order to apply for this one.

Editor Intern – In charge of communicating with potential and current guest writers, editing drafts and assigning publishing dates/times. You can also create the article image if you’re up for the task. Writing samples required.

Advertising Intern – In charge of contacting websites, businesses and organizations that would fit with the message of HE, and would like to advertise on HE. The more ad revenue comes in, the faster HE can grow to what I’ve had planned for a while. Unconventional contests, events and a whole bunch of extra functionality for the site that I can’t code myself.

These will be unpaid internships but expect very HE-esque bonuses :) I’ll also write a smashing letter of recommendation for you on request.

If you’re interested, send an email to intern@highexistence.com with answers to these questions:

1) Who are you? What’s your story?
2) What are you passionate about / what is your bliss? If you’re not sure, give me 3 :)
3) Which internship are you applying for?
4) Why are you qualified for this specific internship?

**Thank you and much love to Phil Drolet over at The Feel Good Lifestyle for inspiring me to bring HE to the next level**

November 14, 2012 at 5:48 pm

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Kyle (131) (@kyle) 5 years ago ago

@kjbaran, Thanks a lot buddy!

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Aliza B (0) (@alizab) 5 years ago ago

Is it too late to apply?

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Kyle R. Willis (5) (@masochism) 5 years ago ago

@alizab, I would not presume to speak for @jordan, but his replies to submissions have gone out and today was the deadline for secondary responses so my guess would be that yes, it is a tad late.

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Diane (0) (@diveintothedivine) 5 years ago ago

What about… someone to just make pictures for those entries? A graphic designer?
If you’re still looking for applicants that is~


If one of your interns dies on the job will you intern them?

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