LSD Inception

2 years, 1 month ago

A couple nights ago on my birthday I had my first LSD experience. I smoked a j like an hour before I took the first tab. and another a little after the second.

Me and my dude were watching Adult Swim and everything about it was just really funny and I just had waves of laughing urges like every 5 seconds. Listening to music like Hills and Valles by Erick Arc Elliott from Flatbush Zombies and everything he was saying was just so real. I also saw diamonds of rainbow light

Then I took the second tab. My dude left around 4 am and the experience got deeper. Let me start by stating the main themes of my experience were fear and balance.

When I was in the kitchen getting some food I was imagining the possibility of suddenly coming into contact with a being of superior intelligence. What I imagined was a sort of leopard person with the elegance of a cobra standing upright in some type of next level business suit. The first reaction is fear of the power it holds, then the positives then I see it’s just as neutral as I am. I thought of constantly being on a journey and when I absorbed all the knowledge I was meant to on this path, meeting a higher being who ends it and simultaneously starts me on another.

Back to my basement, I turned off all the lights and occasionally playing beats from projects I’m working on (I write to music; rap they call it). Being in the dark was eerie as my imagination would kinda manifest when I saw something in my peripheral, like when you normally see an object in the dark and initially think it to be something scary. It was very easy to distinguish between my imagination and reality but my imagination was more real and present than usual.

The scariest thing I could imagine; It’s hand right by my shoulder.
Devil’s eyes in my peripherals as I write on my ipod.
Some huge four legged beast behind my laptop every time I looked at it to change the song.
The atmospheric sound of this one beat was like cold wind right across my left ear and the back of my neck.

I was fuckin tweakin and kept getting up to turn the lights on cuz it was scary but it wasn’t the same, with lights on. I couldn’t manifest my thought as well as in the dark and I know you have to walk into fear when you find it as the result is beneficial. I just faced my fear and looked at all these creatures in the face and realized they were neutral. I realized everything has positive and negative and the way of nature is to balance out with the two extremes. It’s like two tangent circles or spheres, touching but not intersecting and somehow a solid sphere between THAT space, in result of the two opposite forces. Good and the bad we all walk beside each other and in doing so, these fears empowered me.

I was thinking of everything in the world that balances and that balance ultimately equals one.

I recorded 2 hours of this experience, describing what I was learning in detail and as I had a feeling, the sound didn’t record. I was mad at first that I failed to capture this experience for others and myself to reanalyze but then it taught me a new level of being humble because that information will always exist somewhere. I also learned the reality of how everything that is, holds information itself but to a more abstract degree way than I thought before.

I could think so clear, kinda like when I did shrooms. There was more detail but this is getting long and I’m having trouble remembering every second.

December 31, 2012 at 9:40 am

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Profile photo of Jordan Jordan (@jaethedream) 2 years, 1 month ago ago

I was also crying from thinking of the death of capital steeze and the recent shootings in particular but it was half sad and half happy. I recognized the duality of a lot of aspects of life such as negative and positive in everything. We can all choose to end another life at any moment but the knowledge of positive sort of overrides that in most situations (from a personal standpoint).
The duality of being sad and happy at the same time. shit like that.

And I was going over material I’ve written and all of it had new, more profound meaning and fit the situation so perfectly, it was just crazy, like I was writing all this stuff from this experience, well before I had it. Now I’m so excited to complete these projects and that’s like all I’ve been working on since.

Profile photo of Jordan Jordan (@jaethedream) 2 years, 1 month ago ago

All information is present in what is, cuz what else has been teaching us? Our senses our tools for processing all this information and words are condensed information to be relayed between us.

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