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Meditation brings a sense of fullness and completion, and is the only permanent source of tranquility available to human beings. All other forms of serenity are temporary and dissolve into conflict and chaos over time. The euphoria of drugs quickly lead to misery and self-destruction. The wholesomeness of love, so beautiful and ethereal, is a relatively short lived and fleeting experience. As J. Krishnamurti said, meditation brings order and “That order is the order of the universe. It is irrevocable and doesn’t depend on anything.” Meditation is the eternal essence of nature taking on conscious form within the mortal human frame.

Meditation is an adventure of self-discovery. How can you live without knowing who or what you are? If someone asks you who you are during the day, you may state your name, as if a temporary label actually means something important. Ask yourself who you are when you are in deep sleep, unconscious, and without even a dream to prove that you exist. Ask yourself who you were ten months before you were born, and who you will be just one moment after your body dies. Meditation increases awareness of the natural phenomena that is actually going on behind your own eyes. Self-knowledge has intrinsic value, even without the indescribable bliss nature generously unleashes in those who practice meditation with sincerity and patience.

– Christopher Calder

June 14, 2012 at 2:34 pm
Kevin (12) (@mongie52) 6 years ago ago

This stuff is awesome.. great post(s). thanks.

Kevin (187) (@bigred) 6 years ago ago

freaking killer post!!!!

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Peaceflower (71) (@cosmicplur) 6 years ago ago

Tried it..

It took me away.

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“To understand the misery and confusion that exist within ourselves, and so in the world, we must first find clarity within ourselves, and that clarity comes about through right thinking.
This clarity is not to be organized, for it cannot be exchanged with another. Organized group thought is merely repetitive. Clarity is not the result of verbal assertion, but of intense self-awareness and right thinking. Right thinking is not the outcome of or mere cultivation of the intellect, nor is it conformity to pattern, however worthy and noble. Right thinking comes with self-knowledge. Without understanding yourself, you have no basis for thought; without self-knowledge, what you think is not true.”


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There are only two types of people: one, who escape from their loneliness
the majority, the ninety-nine point nine percent, who escape from themselves;
and the remaining point one percent is the meditator, who says,
“If loneliness is a truth, then it is a truth;
then there is no point in running away from it.
It is better to go into it, encounter it, see it face to face, what it is.”
Meditation means going into your loneliness wholeheartedly,
to discover it, to investigate into it, to inquire into it.
That´s what meditation is all about.


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Only a man himself can be the master of himself: who else from outside could be his master?
When the Master and servant are one, then there is true help and self-possession.
– The Dhammapada

Nobody can come inside yourself. You are alone in there, there is only you, therefore where else can be the master. You are the master, the mind is your servant. Make sure the servant is not playing the role of the master, if it does then you are in trouble. Meditation helps you to put the servant back to its place. When the master and the servant are playing their respective role then there is harmony, there is peace.

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Bullshit” is a far better word than “rationalization”, but they mean the same. “Rationalization” is a clinical word – a word to be used by the professor; “bullshit” is more alive. “Rationalization” is bloodless; “bullshit” is very young, alive and kicking. But the meaning is the same; they are not different things.

The culture society was organizing a group to be comprised strictly of virgins, when a young lady carrying a baby appeared.
“But, madam” protested the president “that is evidence that you are not eligible for this society. Why do you think you will be able to join?”
“I was only foolin´ around when this happened,” she explained.

“Rationalization” is a philosophical term. “Bullshit” comes from the ordinary man, from the masses, people who live on the earth, with the earth, whose hands are muddy. The word “bullshit” is also muddy as it is being used by people who are working and living the ordinary life. It does not come from the ivory towers of a university. And it is more authentic, it says much more than “rationalization.” Words that are coined by professors are always anemic. They are dead words – clinical, but do not say much; rather than saying, they hide. Let me say it in this way, the very word “rationalization” is a rationalization: it is being used to avoid the word “bullshit.”


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Down the centuries it has been experienced again and again, that if in a village of one thousand people even one person is a real meditator, the whole quality of the village changes.
Man has arrived at this state not because of the greater majority but because of a few people like Jesus, Buddha, Zarathrustra, Krishna – just because of these few people. With each Buddha, with each Christ, with each awakened soul, humanity takes a step higher.
But if thousands of people become awakened the the whole of humanity will take a quantum leap. That’s what I call the beginning of the new man.
Out effort here is not just to help individuals – obviously that’s what we should be doing – but deep down it is an effort to create the situation, the background, the essential context, in which a new man can arise with love in his heart, with light in his soul, with intelligence, with awareness, and can transform the whole earth into a paradise. That miracle is possible. In fact it is only possible now – it was never possible before – because we have come to a certain stage of growth. Man is no longer childish, he has come of age.
But great effort is needed. One needs to put one’s total energy into it. Put your total energy into giving yourself a rebirth. And it will not only be a rebirth for you, it will be helping the whole of humanity. To me that is true service.


Peaceflower (71) (@cosmicplur) 6 years ago ago

Thank you so much for going out on a limb and posting those.. you haveno idea how timely it was for me..

Im guessing you know how powerful that meditation is.. ive never in my life experienced anything like that, sober.

Rosie (3) (@radena11) 6 years ago ago

YESSSSS, Meditation overload is exactly what I need. Although I have been practicing for over a year (not consistently though), it is still hard sometimes. Thanks!

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Benefits of Meditation

Meditation, if done on a regular basis, can do wonders for you. Here are some basic benefits which you will draw by regular meditation .

(1) Meditation makes us aware of the fact that we are intelligent.

Something more on it:-

Here are some famous quotes of Albert Einstein. Here he has talked about those special people who use their intelligence instead of submitting to prejudices of their social environments.

“Few people are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions which differ from the prejudices of their social environment. Most people are even incapable of forming such opinions.”

“Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocre minds. The latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence.”

“Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.”

Now just think for a moment:

When does a man see with his own eye and feel with his own hearts.

And when does a man do not submit himself to the hereditary prejudices but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence?

Its only when he recognize that his true identity is free from any kind of prejudice or bias. When he realize the presence of the same consciousness of self in everybody. It’s only after realization of self, that we find the presence of one divinity in everybody.

Meditation will brings the above mentioned qualities in you. All kind of prejudices, vanity, hatred, jealousy and pre-conceived notions have their origins in mind. But when in meditation, we transcend the mind and contact this higher entity ‘self’ we realize the calm and serenity of a focused and peaceful mind. When you meditate, you recognize that being ‘more knowledgeable’ and being ‘intelligent’ are two different thing. Once the feeling of an all pervading self comes in you, You will start seeing with your own eyes and feel with your own hearts instead of allowing others to make opinions and decision for you..

(2) The foundation of self awareness that meditation provides is useful in many areas. It shows us how to focus on the present moment and stop worrying about future or past. It teaches us how to be in control of mind and emotions instead of the other way around.

(3) It develops insight into the unconscious causal connections between thoughts, attitudes, perceptions, feelings, body states, and behaviors. When you meditate, slowly you start recognizing even the most subtle fluctuations of your emotions and thoughts. This results in a better understanding and control of mind and body.

(4) Your attitude towards life will change. You will learn how to be more appreciative for good deeds of others. You will start enjoying little moments happiness that life provides us everyday.

(5) You will be able to see the larger picture of things instead of small day to day problems.

(6) Meditation helps us accept the things as they are not as we desire them to be. We become content with what we have. The negative feelings of jealousy, hatred, greed, anger, frustration, anxiety and failures start disappearing from our personality.

(7) You will be more understanding towards others.

(8) You will start ignoring petty issues that consumed much of your energy.

(9) Shall I get Enlightenment ?: I don’t promise you an enlightenment (‘Moksha’ or the state of Nirvana). Enlightenment or the state of no-desire (Nirvana) is often considered as the ultimate and eventual outcome of Meditation. A really interested & dedicated person who is ready to delve into to deepest nuance of subject may reach the state of ‘no desires’ . But for common people like us it is neither necessary nor desirable to expect such a highest state of being. Theoretically, Moksha or the state when all kind of materialistic desires cease and one attains liberation from bond of death and birth, can be attained by anybody. However, most of us are so much entangled in our day-to-day existential life that the possibility of any of us desiring a ‘desire-less state ‘ is remote. Moreover the very process of wanting anything ( including Moksha) implies that there is a desire in us for this !

Forget about enlightenment. Just meditate. All benefits will follow on their own.

(10) Your inner ability to solve complex problems will increase.

(11) It is a healthy way to handle stress. Meditation lowers hypertension and high blood pressure while slowing heart rate and quickening recovery time.

12.) Meditation increases concentration, self-esteem, spontaneity, creativity, and depth of awareness.

Well there are many more things that I can say on benefits of meditation. However, as the wisdom says that it is always better to ‘know and feel’ than to ‘listen and read’. Meditate and see for yourself whether it is worth a try or not.

Having learnt the benefits of meditation, let us learn why many people can’t meditate despite trying it seriously.

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The TES Hypothesis

It is a mind that is unprejudiced by religion, philosophy, and cultural conditioning. It is going naked in the stars.

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@cosmicplur, The time a person needs to spend in formal meditation sessions to gain maximum benefit depends on ever-changing individual circumstances. If you are meditating with a group, you will gain from the group energy and go further with less effort. If you are fortunate enough to be living close to an enlightened teacher, you may be able to absorb some of his high energy without any effort at all. If you are meditating alone, without support from others, then you will have to do all the heavy lifting yourself.

If you just wish to become more relaxed and take the hard edge off of life, one or two fifteen minute sitting meditation sessions a day will certainly help you. For those who really want to explore the inner worlds to the fullest, my general recommendation is that a single forty minute meditation session practiced every day is a minimum effort, and scientists have found that amount of meditation is enough to physically enlarge portions of the brain involved in awareness. A specific recommendation for young, physically fit beginners would be to practice Cathartic Dancing Meditation in the morning and one of the quiet sitting meditations at night.

It is of paramount importance to practice mindfulness throughout the day. To be of any real value, meditation must become a full-time way of living rather than a strictly segregated activity. Choose methods that make you feel more positive. Meditation should be a form of cosmic hedonism, not a penance one must perform as an obligation.

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@radena11, If you do not do methods you will never develop any inner power. Meditation methods put direct pressure on the false self, the ego. If you continue patient practice at some point that false self will implode under the pressure, without warning and without apparent and obvious method. 99.99% of people who drop methods stop far too soon, thus bringing their progress to an early end.

jm (23) (@kkylekittell24) 6 years ago ago

On and on and on and on. How long did it take you to copy and paste all of this to your meditation/consciousness hard drive? Everything here you practice? It is indeed some pretty interesting stuff, even though I have yet to digest it all. It is our own little book of all the pop philosophers quotes of our time mixed with the basic techniques of meditation. Thanks for the mindfulness and the easy access to the practice of meditation and expanding the overall horizon for further understanding consciousness~ Tis the shit! Overall, extremely enlightening post.

Anonymous (202) (@) 6 years ago ago

@kkylekittell24, I claim this little thread as my own “little oasis”. Over the years I have honed and refined my threads to the point where I feel confident they are indeed “fingers pointing to the moon”. They’re actually not quite as humongous as they used to be and I’m sure you will find them quite useful. Ultimately we must all take up our own indivdual practice..and save the discussion about what happens, for later…


jm (23) (@kkylekittell24) 6 years ago ago

Great man thanks for the information highway! Peace to you and your future practices.

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The new man I talk about and the new humanity, will not be Eastern or Western.
It will not believe in this world only or in that world only, it will believe in the totality of man. It will believe in the body of man, it will believe in the soul of man; it will believe in the material, it will believe in the spiritual.
In fact the new humanity will think of spirituality and materiality as two aspects of one phenomenon. Then the world will be rich in both ways, within and without.


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Gautama the Buddha has said meditation is the lion’s roar, because it is an explosion. It is the explosion of your consciousness which is far deeper, far more vast than any atomic explosion can ever be.

Yes, there is a difference between these two explosions. The atomic explosion is , destructive, but the explosion that happens in consciousness through meditation is inevitably creative.

It is a lion’s roar because the moment a man knows the deepest experience of his being – that’s what meditation is all about – he becomes fearless, because he knows there is no death anymore; he is eternal.

It is a lion’s roar because now nobody can enslave him. Yes, you can kill him but you cannot enslave him, you cannot kill his soul. You can imprison his body but not his being; now he now knows freedom, and freedom cannot be taken away. It releases immense courage. He can fight with the whole world.

In fact all the great meditators have been fighting with this stupid world, all alone, single-handedly. Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Kabir – down the ages the meditator has stood there fighting the whole collective stupidity of humanity. He has been butchered, crucified, killed, poisoned, but that makes no difference.

Whenever a man attains to meditation, the lion’s roar explodes, Again there is one,
real authentic human being, who is ready to sacrifice everything for truth.


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When you try to possess, your power becomes invested in meaningless things. When you desire, your power becomes desire and desires are infinite. Each desire becomes a leakage of your power.
When all possessiveness and all desires have been understood as futile, and dropped, you become a reservoir of power. And to be a reservoir of power is the only experience that gives you the feeling that God is – because God is power. When you also experience power within yourself, overflowing, abundant power, you know God is.
If you are empty, with no power, tired, wasted in your desires, no proof that God exists can help you. All these proofs are for impotent people.
The real person needs no proof for God. He comes to know God from the experience of inner power, from his inner glow.

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Instructions on timing, place and postures in Meditation:

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Very short summary
The following concepts, like all concepts, cannot describe Reality, but, unlike most concepts, they point to Reality.

1. The premise: Consciousness is all there is. Another word for Consciousness is the impersonal, yet intimate, I.

2. The conclusions:

I am not an object or entity.
Objects and entities are never real.
Whatever is supposed to happen will happen. Whatever is not supposed to happen will not happen. There is no doer, and there is no choice.
The entire manifestation is an expression of Love.

3. The practice: Don’t believe this–look and see it for yourself!

“I find that somehow, by shifting the focus of attention, I become the very thing I look at, and experience the kind of consciousness it has; I become the inner witness of the thing. I call this capacity of entering other focal points of consciousness, love; you may give it any name you like. Love says, “I am everything”. Wisdom says, “I am nothing”. Between the two, my life flows. Since at any point of time and space I can be both the subject and the object of experience, I express it by saying that I am both, and neither, and beyond both.”

– Nisargadatta ~

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The Brain Jockey Club

Know yourself before you die! – the Brain Jockey Club motto

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Reasons for Failure in Meditation

People want to meditate and they really give it a try. However. a majority of them find it quite difficult to meditate. We often find people who complain of trying many meditation techniques with no results. Nothing seems to work for them. In fact there is a huge majority of individuals who are unable to meditate despite trying a number of valid and effective techniques.

After closely observing the life style, daily routine, beliefs, perceptions and understanding of meditation of many such people, I have found following main reasons for people’s failure in meditation:

(1) Ignorance About Real Meaning of Meditation

People don’t know exactly what meditation is. Neither they have any knowledge or understanding of ‘Self’ -the main core of meditation. Most of them view meditation as just another form of alternative therapy/ life style.

(I hope that, by now, at least you have a clear knowledge of meditation. However if you have come directly on this page then please read what is meditation. )

(2) Lack of Patience

Many people keep changing meditation techniques without trying them for a sufficient period of time. Often they get dissatisfied with one meditation technique very soon and switched to another one. In short, they expect quick results and lack patience.

Please keep in mind that every new thing takes time. Meditation is a kind of catharsis. It is a deep cleansing process. Our real identity – self is covered under the dust of thoughts, dreams, illusions and emotions of thousands of years spanning uncountable past lives. The removal of this dust and the revelation of our true self will take time. Patience is extremely important in meditation. Do not change meditation techniques too frequently. As I have already described that the central theme in all meditation techniques is to know the self- the eternal witness in us. Different meditation techniques have been developed for different people based on their past lives, present circumstances and intrinsic nature . For some people a majority of all meditation techniques are suitable whereas for some only a few techniques will work. IT will take sometime to find which meditation technique is best for you

(3) Expecting Too Much:

People expect too much from meditation. They expect a huge positive development in their life owing to meditation. For them meditation is also like a work or investment whose fruit should come in a time bound manner.

Please don’t consider meditation as a portfolio investment. It is not a materialistic mode of profit/loss. Meditation, by itself, is a gift. Do not stick any expectation to it. Once you start meditating , in all likelihood, you will like to meditate again and again for the sheer bliss and peace it’ll bring in your life. However, only those can experience this bliss and peace who do not expect too much from meditation. Meditation is a way to know your real self. Let meditation be just that. Don’t make it a way to achieve super human qualities.

(4) A Very Busy Life :

Most people do not take sincere efforts for meditating. A majority of those people who meditate:

> do not meditate regularly

> have a very busy daily schedule and often miss meditation.

> even when find sometime to meditate, are so tired and tense owing to their extremely busy and demanding life that can’t meditate properly.

Friend you must realize that life in 21st century in not a relaxed age by any standard. On any particular day, we are required to deal with so many things that the tension and stress of doing all those things really break us. Our nervous system is called upon to work overtime because of the endless stimuli coming at us relentlessly from every direction. Making the matter worse are tensions of urban life such as street noise, traffic jams, radio, more than 100 TV Channels running 24 hours a day, telephones, mobile , DVDs, work deadlines, demands on every minutes, constant distraction and of course stiff competition. All this adds up to total exhaustion of body and mind.

In such a situation, unless we do something to create a suitable environment in our life for meditation, it will be very difficult for us to meditate and draw some actual benefits from it.

Though Meditation can be done by anybody, anywhere, here is the ideal condition for meditation:

A healthy, completely relaxed and energetic body eager to meditate regularly.

Though it seems difficult to have such an ideal body for meditation in the present era of tension, stress, nervousness and hectic schedules; with the able help of three yogic aids of deep breathing, deep relaxation and deep contraction we can easily make this ideal condition a reality of our life.

By adopting three good habits of deep breathing, deep relaxation and deep contraction in our life we can have the strongest foundation of indomitable health and a overflowing abundance of physical and mental energy at our disposal. No matter how busy and demanding our life is, with the help of these three aids, we can not only manage our life easily but also ensure a steady spiritual growth through regular meditation session. In the next chapter I am going to tell you in detail about these wonderful yogic aids in meditation.

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