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Avatar of Jakub Knight
Jakub Knight (@jakubknight)    2 years, 7 months ago

i’m just curious as to the crowd this site brings

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Avatar of Brandon
Brandon (@unstoppableobject)2 years, 7 months ago ago


Avatar of Ryan Johnsen
Ryan Johnsen (@ryanjohnsen)2 years, 2 months ago ago

well im a marine but i dont think im like the rest of my marines simply because i was a HE kind of person before i joined.

Avatar of KellyM
KellyM (@kellah)2 years, 2 months ago ago

@ryanjohnsen, we need more HE people in the military <3

Avatar of Ray Butler
Ray Butler (@trek79)2 years, 2 months ago ago

My very first friend on here, he was last active 10 months and 2 weeks ago, Dan is military, but I haven’t seen him around since then. We had a chat about capitalism and found an understanding even though we came into the discussion with seemingly different perspectives.

Avatar of Forrest
Forrest (@444est)2 years, 2 months ago ago

Air Force here, just soaking up some wisdom from others with similar interests. 11 months left looking forward to going to school with more full time with knowledge seekers such as yourselves.

Avatar of NatureB0Y
NatureB0Y (@NatureB0Y)1 year, 2 months ago ago

U.S. Army here. Awesome website. Endless knowledge and fascinating subjects. HE for the win!