Money is Bad Mojo

2 years, 3 months ago

Oh Money…what good is it? One could say, “Why Great of course! It gets me stuff!” But why? Why do we need money to get what we want? How can such a thing determine what one can and cannot have? It is completely immoral to believe that a simple substance of matter, known as money, can the rights that a human being has in terms of possessing things. It is like saying, “Because I have four leaves and you only have two, I can have a car but you cannot.” Why should it matter how much you have? Why should it matter if you have any at all! Humans have done just fine without it before. Nowadays without it people can call you nothing because you have nothing. Money can always put you into a rut, no a hell, that can easily be not your fault.
Now, to think about being without money. No poverty? No debt? No monopolies? Nothing to be greedy about that controls the world? No reason to rob others? Fun thing to think about isn’t it? It would be the greatest without money. A world of agreement and not payment. A world of generosity and not owing.
Just try to picture it. Everyone does something for everyone. True that’s what we do already, but without the restraints and hassle of money. It would be saying, “I’ll provide my vegetables as long as you(everyone) provide everything else. It’s a cycle of efficient living. Nothing holding us back to what we can accomplish together without refusing each other. Everyone does things for others because they know they are doing something in return already.
Then, this is one grand step into human equality. We all know that today, it is non-existent. We are told we are all equal, but is that really true? Money is a big killer of this. Money gives such power over others because we have made it out to run the world. It’s true, you are stuck at their mercy. With society the way it is, money is NEEDED to live, and those with it know they have those who need it in their control. And there is nothing we can do about it as we are screwed otherwise. With something as meaningless and stupid as money, human equality is lost. Crazy isn’t it? Paper and bits of metal, that’s what money is. Even so, it is something that people kill others for, sell their own bodies for, sell others for, try to fake, and steal for. Why? Why is something like paper and metal the size of a grape, so important that things like these are don for it? Does this make any sense?
Oh money…such a wonder it is. An unnecessary idiocracy of this world. A physically meaningless piece of matter that causes problems. The fuel of greed as well as one fuel of human inequality.

December 11, 2012 at 5:59 pm

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Profile photo of ELI var namnet ELI var namnet (@manimal) 2 years, 3 months ago ago

Wow. Just wow.

Humans did just fine without money, that’s true. But how did they get things back then? By trading other things, and by killing eachother for it, or stealing it. There was just as much fighting (or even more) over possessions before money came around.

Money makes trading a whole lot simpler, and generally a lot more fair. Let’s say all you have that you can trade with is tomatoes. Now you’re gonna buy a tree or a dog, but you can’t afford a whole tree or a whole dog, meaning you could at best get a part of a dead one. Because you can’t save up the tomatoes, because they rot. Money doesn’t.
And not everybody considers those resources equally valuable, some people would pay a tree for a dog, others wouldn’t be willing to pay a whole tree unless they got a bunch of dogs. Etc. This makes for unfair trading.

Money makes it simpler, easier, and sets a price standard.
It wasn’t a world of generosity before money came around, it was a dog-eat-dog world. You can have that with or without money, and you can have generosity with or without money.

You don’t need money to get by. No, not even in today’s society. Money makes it easier, but you don’t need it. And if you can’t hunt/gather to get your own needs met, then YOU have put yourself at other people’s mercy. YOU did, not the money.

Money cannot do anything, cannot control anything, because it’s just a made up concept. It has no will, no power, it can’t do anything.
How you CHOOSE to deal with money can end you up in many different places, such as poverty or wealth. But money literally cannot control you.

Money doesn’t kill equality. Money is the same for everyone, and we all have the opportunities to make money. Most people rarely take these opportunities, but that’s their own decision, nobody else’s fault.

People CHOOSE to sell themselves for money, choose to slave away in factories and offices, wasting their time and energy for nickels and dimes, choose to let other people use them in exchange for money. It’s a choice they make. And if that’s not what they wanted, then it’s a fucking stupid choice.

Taking money out of the equation won’t change anything, because the problems don’t come from the money. The problems come from people.
Money is neither good nor bad, but it’s really fucking practical and makes many parts of life a whole lot easier.

And if you don’t like it, then go somewhere else where there is no money, where you can live in peace with your generous tribe.

If you just want to float along and passively receive, you have no right to make demans, you’ll have to take whatever shit they give you. That’s society. If you don’t like it, stop playing that game. You choose to live in a society like that.
It’s a deal that you’ve agreed to.
Why sign a deal if you don’t agree with the terms?

Take some fucking responsibility.

That’s what’s missing in this world. If people were responsible, there would be no problems with money, or with society at all.

Some people have more than others, and that’s because we’ve earned it. We have all earned our place in this world, by our actions, our choices, if you don’t like where you’re going then stop and change course. The hobo and the CEO have both earned their place in this world. They’ve both worked for it, worked to get where they ended up.

I like money, it’s really practical.

Profile photo of Nick Nick (@splashartist) 2 years, 3 months ago ago

Money is simply an empty symbol. It’s up to you to place a value on it.

Profile photo of Jeslyn Jeslyn (@jeslyntweedie) 2 years, 3 months ago ago


You have a very compassionate mindset for the human race, but money or the elimination of money will not create the vision you see.

What good is it?

It can be good in a lot of ways. But the one that a lot of people forget or don’t think about in the first place is, you vote with it. You can fund changing the way things are with it.

Small scale and big scale. Big scale, pour a lot of money into whatever efforts you want. Support people you want to support. It’s an instrument of change–whether it be good or bad, it’s what it is.

Small scale–well there’s this really awesome concept of voting for what you believe in with your money.

For instance, the health food industry. The rise in the availability of organic and all natural products/food over the last decade. Sure, some of it is mislabeled because some companies do still suck, but the main thing is there’s so much of it available these days.

Why? Because a lot of people started to only buy those things, and were genuinely concerned about healthy eating. Food is something we buy or grow or find or slaughter. If we buy it, that’s a lot of money invested in what we eat. Years of investment by mass amounts of people are going to alert bigger businesses that their products have to keep up with an increasingly selective consumer.

Voila, we now have many organic and healthy options everywhere. Even former McDonald’s executives are launching an operation with a healthy fast food chain in coming months.

That’s just one example of what money is good for. Money is the equivalent to so many intangible things. And it can be powerful.

It can even change some things in a big way, from the ground up.

Pretty cool actually.

Profile photo of Obviously, you're not a golfer Obviously, you’re not a golfer (@donjaime23) 2 years, 3 months ago ago

@dirukari3, Dude, youre totally right. Quick, give it all to me so I can rid of it for you!

Profile photo of Dirukari3 Dirukari3 (@dirukari3) 2 years, 3 months ago ago


Dear Elion,

You have made good points, but here is what I thought as I read your post:
In my vision, it’s not trade. Not traditionally anyways. Everything has equal value. Because people need it regardless.

It’s true that in some cases it was dog eat dog, but that was during expansion and colonizing when everyone wanted everything because no one technically owned it in agreement. In today’s age people are a lot more advanced and boundaries are set.

Hunting and gathering. You have to buy permits for hunting. Gathering is possible but just about all land owned by someone and they will call you out on it.

Money has no will but it definitely has power. We give it power as a majority. It is a made up concept that people put value in. Even if you don’t put value in it others do. So it is what, and it is all they will accept. Mercy comes from other people. You cannot choose it. It is cast upon you.

Money can’t control you, but it can control what you do legally.

Money does kill equality. If a person loves a job that pays less than another a job that a person also loves, why should it pay less when it is being done for the same reason. Yes the person chose the lower paying job, but should that person have to trade their happiness for more money?

I’m sorry i forgot a lot a prostitutes forced into prostitution chose that. Silly me. For those who do choose it, yes it is their choice, it is their only choice. It’s all they have left. Get a different job? Doesn’t pay enough to support a family. Go to college? Can’t afford it.

The problems do come from people, with the power given from money.

Live in a tribe, don’t have the money for the plane/ship/train. Well shit. What do.

Profile photo of ELI var namnet ELI var namnet (@manimal) 2 years, 3 months ago ago

@dirukari3, Economically speaking, no, things don’t have equal value. You wouldn’t trade a horse for a raspberry, would you? Or a computer for a bubble gum?
Trading is trading, and it’s the human way.

You think it started during expansion? What the hell? It was like that from the beginning, humans evolved among all the other animals, it was all about survival, jungle law, dog eat dog. And it never stopped, it’s still that way, as it always has been. It’s the human way.
We’re not more advanced these days, we are the same damn apes that we were 15 000 years ago, we haven’t evolved at all. We’ve just established a different situation to live in. That doesn’t change who we are or what we are.

You don’t have to buy permits for hunting, you don’t have to follow other people’s rules. Sure it makes it easier to keep them off your back, but you don’t fucking have to. Same goes for gathering. Obedience is a FUCKING CHOICE.

Money doesn’t have power at all. Sure people put value in it, and do all sorts of fucked up shit for it, but that’s their own decision, not the money’s.
Being at someone else’s mercy is something you choose, it’s convenient for a lot of people, but it’s far from the only way. Obedience is chosen, dependence is chosen, mercy is chosen.

Jobs are not made for enjoyment, jobs are made to fucking get things done. And how much a job pays is determined by the person OFFERING the job. Of course this person has to keep wages interesting for the workers, but other than that they can do whatever they want. After all, it’s THEIR business, they’re the ones offering the opportunities.
Also, there’s a reason why some people barely pay, it’s because they don’t require any skill, anyone could do it, which means that worker is easily replaced and has very little value to the business.

Getting a job is a CHOICE. And if you choose to have a job, you also choose the terms and conditions, and you put yourself at the mercy of your employer.
If that’s not what you want, then it’s a retarded choice.
Jobs aren’t there to make people happy, they’re made to make money and get shit done. If someone likes their job that’s a great bonus, but jobs are all about the money.

If having a job means trading your happiness for bullshit money, and you value happiness higher than money, then having a job is a really dumb choice.

It seems you also forgot that those people who are forced into doing stuff they don’t want… always have the option to escape, fight back, or a thousand other things that could get them out of there. Yet they don’t do any of that. That’s a choice.
Setting yourself up for a situation where you can’t support your own family is also a choice, a dumb choice, and a very cruel and irresponsible choice.

Money doesn’t give power to people. People give imaginary power to money. And as a result, whoever has most of it somehow has power over them. It’s a strange game, but it was invented for a reason. And just like you say, the majority favour these rules.

You can live tribally anywhere, although it is of course more practical to not do it in a city.
You can’t afford the travel? Well, a computer and internet access is more expensive than those tickets. And you obviously could afford those.
And if you can afford to spend your time moaning on the internet, then you can afford to spend your time WALKING into the wild.

What do?

Well, you obviously have a thing for blame and excuses, so why not just keep doing that? Or, yknow, stop making up a bunch of bullshit to whine about and TAKE ACTION.

Your problems don’t come from money or anything like that, they come from within yourself. Same goes for everyone else.
You’re spending more time finding someone/something to blame than you spend working things out.

That’s why your economy sucks. It’s just a result of your choices.

Profile photo of O Anonymous (@) 2 years, 3 months ago ago

I don`t believe that the problem is money, but greed.

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