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Avatar of E.C.F. Doyle
E.C.F. Doyle (@chekovchameleon)    1 year, 10 months ago

I’m looking for peoples favourite films that most people probably haven’t seen or are seriously underrated. Mainly because I’m constantly looking for things to watch and I’m sick of watching crappy movies, I don’t mind if they are so shit they make me laugh, but you know those one’s that are trying to be good be just suck balls but everyone goes on about, a personal example is Scarface.
Anyway I’ll get the ball rolling here:

Holy Mountain- This film is a tad long and insane but it is really worth a watch. It’s extremely abstract. Very good for an acid trip, actually it’s probably the best time to watch it.

Lost Highway- a personal favourite of mine by David Lynch. It’s pretty strange but it is very enthralling and really leaves you thinking.

Tideland & Brazil- Two films by Terry Gilliam(a Python), My favourite director after stanley kubrick. Brazil is a dystopian sci-fi. Tideland is about the daughter of junkies lost in her own imagination.

Boogie Nights- Not sure how popular this is, but it is brilliant and hilarious. It’s about the porn industry. the guy who made it Paul Thomas Anderson is probably one of if not the best director around now, he made There Will Be Blood, Punch-Drunk Love and Magnolia.

So what are yours?

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Avatar of Vlad
Vlad (@vlad0207)1 year, 10 months ago ago

Recently I discovered some great movies made by Darren Aronofsky. I strongly recommend you to watch those movies. You ‘ll not regret.

Avatar of Sam Walsh
Sam Walsh (@swalsh92)1 year, 10 months ago ago

@nowscreamlouder, I agree, A Scanner Darkly is really good.

Death Proof is one of my favorite underrated movies, also Jackie Brown. Both Tarantino movies dwarfed by Pulp Fiction and Reservoir dogs.

In Bruges is an amazing movie that not enough people have seen, and O Brother, Where Art Thou?

I could go on forever but they are the main ones.

Avatar of Sam Walsh
Sam Walsh (@swalsh92)1 year, 10 months ago ago

@rotsen, I really enjoyed those movies and I really didnt expect to. The screenplay is just so well written!

Avatar of Ioana Bogdan
Ioana Bogdan (@ioanabogdan)1 year, 10 months ago ago

The Diving Bell and The Butterfly, Ashes and Snow, Waking Life, Mystic River, Nostalghia, Cinema Paradiso, Les Choristes

Avatar of Elisa Bekker
Elisa Bekker (@cdebekker)1 year, 10 months ago ago

Mr. Nobody
Waking Life
Perfect Sense
Into the Wild

Avatar of Egarim
Egarim (@egarim)1 year, 10 months ago ago


Se7en, the ending makes us question the weight of our actions. Like the old saying “you will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger,” the entire film sets up the idea that ultimately, our decisions themselves hold the consequences.

Plus it’s got Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt, and the very wonderful Kevin Spacey. Check it out if you haven’t seen it.

Avatar of Tom
Tom (@420dreamsheep)1 year, 10 months ago ago

Many great films already mentioned, add this to the list:
Wristcutters: A Love Story –

Avatar of Sam
Sam (@breathe)1 year, 10 months ago ago

Plenty of good movies mentioned. I’ll just chuck in a couple of foreign films:

C.R.A.Z.Y. –
Let The Right One In –

FYI full list of my favs:

Avatar of SpudNutz
SpudNutz (@spudnutz)1 year, 10 months ago ago

I can’t believe no one has mentioned my favorite:
Raising Arizona (1987) – with Nicolas Cage and Holly Hunter
Heathers (1988) – with Winona Ryder and Christian Slater
Being John Malkovich (1999) – w John Cusack and Cameron Diaz

Lastly, Black Dynamite – very funny take on black-sploitation movies of the early 70′s

Avatar of Tia T
Tia T (@tiatryggeseth10)1 year, 10 months ago ago

The Point

I am terrible at explaining movies so I’ll give the imbd link. this movie is good sober but I would love to watch it on acid.

Avatar of JASK
JASK (@jshmedler)1 year, 10 months ago ago

anything by the coen brothers is fucking brilliant, amazing, and funny!

big lebowski and raising arizona were already mentioned.

burn after reading (brad pitt is hillarious! until he gets his dome popped by george clooney ;) )
fargo (eh margie)
blood simple (bloody brilliant)
barton fink
oh brother where art thou?
the ladykillers
no country for old men
and true grit (least favorite one… but still good )

Plus one of the greatest movies ever created was Twelve Angry Men!!

Avatar of Filip
Filip (@filipek)1 year, 10 months ago ago

@jshmedler, Ah a real connoisseur! Twelve Angry Men all time favorit!

- North by Northwest
- The Hustler
- Casablanca
- The Seventh Year Itch
- Psycho
- The Man Who Knew too Much
- The Birds
- Night and Day
- The Sting

Actually everything that is not mainstream.

Avatar of Alex
Alex (@alexishungry)1 year, 10 months ago ago

I really enjoyed The Man From Earth. I can’t say much because I’d spoil the story for you. The movie is pretty much a conversation between a group of friends about the life of one of them. It’s kind of psychological and would be good to watch while high.

Avatar of Alex
Alex (@alexsabus)11 months ago ago

The thirteenth floor (1999)

Avatar of Daniel
Daniel (@daniel)11 months ago ago

Gattaca, definitely. Great movie that gives potential insight into the future but was received poorly in the box office and review-wise.

Avatar of Guywho_is
Guywho_is (@Guywhois)11 months ago ago

@rotsen, Have you seen Before Midnight yet?

Avatar of Guywho_is
Guywho_is (@Guywhois)11 months ago ago

That makes about 5 or so ( didn’t count) RICHARD LINKLATER films mentioned on this thread. I don’t think Slackers or Dazed and Confused are though.
All worth a watch.

Avatar of Living Stone
Living Stone (@cloudstuck)11 months ago ago

I would say ‘My Dinner With Andre’….amazingly enjoyable movie which totally breaks away from your classic, expected film narrative. It’s also quite philosophical.

Avatar of Camchalms
Camchalms (@Camchalms)11 months ago ago

Loads of good ones mentioned. My fave has to be Oldboy. South Korean film about a guy imprisoned in a room with no explanation as to why. Finally after 15 years he is released and left to try and discover who locked him up and why. A dark, twisted vengeance film.

Avatar of ImCereal.
ImCereal. (@FortuneSoul)11 months ago ago

harold and kumar go to white castle,harold and kumar escape from Guantanamo bay, growing op

Avatar of Marsha Ryan
Marsha Ryan (@Ryanmk18)1 month, 1 week ago ago

RENT is about 8 friends who face the harsh poverty areas of New York City. In the film they learn they must face the relationship struggles and have to face the AIDS/HIV+ Disease. Drugs are portrayed as an issue where we see Mimi’s beautiful life destroyed by heroin addiction. The strife that the characters had to endure was sad and hard to. One relationship used as a model for everyone, Angel and Collins’, is a relationship between a gay man and a drag queen. They have a beautiful and loving relationship, and their song “I’ll Cover You” shows the ideal of love. But the relationships in this movie show nothing but strong love and commitment. The Music is excellent.It gives a lasting impression and keeps you singing these songs forever more. The main messages of this film are friendship and loyalty.

Avatar of jelica
jelica (@jelica)1 month, 1 week ago ago

Lol it’s so bad to watch those bc I know all the words

Avatar of Marsha Ryan
Marsha Ryan (@Ryanmk18)1 month, 1 week ago ago

I know. It’s bad.

Avatar of Beyond Earth
Beyond Earth (@BeyondEarth)1 month, 1 week ago ago

There’s a movie that isn’t underrated at all, but not enough popular I really enjoyed. It’s Danish and it’s called Jagten with Mads Mikkelsen in the leading role. Strongly recommend, although it’s superbly intense so if you’re not into intense anything you should probably stick with your sweethearts.

Avatar of domu
domu (@domu)1 month, 1 week ago ago

Man from earth

Avatar of jelica
jelica (@jelica)1 month, 1 week ago ago

Moonrise Kingdom
The Grinch
Phantom of the Opera
12 oz. mouse