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3 years ago

So I have an awesome job. It’s fun, it’s low key, I pretty much do what I want, and work with awesome people. However, the pay sucks. I’ve been there over a year and had one raise. I’ve talked to people who have been there multiple years and also only had one raise. The place is privately owned so I guess they can afford to do that.
The solution seems simple, get a higher paying job. I live somewhere where the economy still seems to be doing great job wise, and see positions similar to mine hiring all the time for way better pay. The problem is I have a criminal record. Possession of marijuana, and shoplifting. These are both from about 2 years ago so I can’t exactly play them off as childhood folly. Any job that pays a few bucks over minimum wage usually does background checks… and I’m unsure how to approach this.

Should I put my best interviewing foot forward and hope that my smashing charm makes up for my record? Should I play the humility card and say I used to be a trouble maker and have since changed my ways? My manager right now is awesome and I know he’d give me a good recommendation, plus I’ve had the job I currently have for about 15 months now which looks good to prospective employers.
What would you guys do?

March 26, 2012 at 7:13 pm

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Profile photo of Dan Dan (@danfontaine) 3 years ago ago

You know damn well. ;)

Profile photo of sp00n sp00n (@sp00n) 3 years ago ago

How do you know the better paying job won’t be more mentally stimulating and enjoyable? Like it or not, money moves this world, and having more allows you to come into contact with those who have more. Which provides more doors to move up the ladder.

Profile photo of Pata Pata (@odjur) 3 years ago ago

Its about jobs. the only reason for jobs is money. A job is all bout the money. Get the highest payin job you can get or theres no point to havin a job. Dont waste yo life undersellin your time n energy.

An if its a good employer n a good workplace its not about the record. Only the dumbass loser employers base their judgment on your record. Its all bout showin how good you are n how your an asset for the company.

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