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There is a ware waging right now inside every single of us. The war of good and evil, at first this might seem a little dramatic, I mean a war? But yes, there is a conflict inside of us. We might not even realize it, a lot of people don’t, tons of people go their entire life being blissfully unaware of the struggle. It’s the concept of duality, the conscious, the demon on the right shoulder, the angel on the left. Life is a nothing but a series of choices, and its time that we start making wise ones.

Now on the cartoon, when the character comes upon a decision, the angel and the demon poof on his shoulders and try to persuade him to either do something evil or something good. The problem is the demon usually gets an unfair advantage, the demon’s job is simple. The demon talk‘s the character, usually a gullible, easy tricked doofus, into doing something that we, the observer, knows is absolutely the wrong thing to do by offering an option that is very appealing, much more fun and instantly gratifying. To the cartoon it’s a no brainer. The angel is not so lucky. The angel is the voice of reason, and he tries to talk the man into doing the right thing, which might not be the funnest, most pleasurable, the easiest, or the most exciting. So of course the gullible, easy tricked doofus cartoon sides with the demon, I mean why not? The demon offers something much more fun and instantly gratifying right?! He makes a decision that is so obviously stupid to us as we view the program, and sides with then demon. This is the part were we all laugh and say “That gullible, easy tricked doofus! Obviously that was the wrong decision to make!” or “That gullible, easy tricked doofus obviously didn’t even take time to evaluate his options, if he would have he would have sided with the angel, that is clearly the right choice to make.” or maybe even “I mean he’s got a demon and an angel on his shoulders for crying out loud! How much easier could it get?!”. So we laugh, and the cartoon character goes through the rest of his 30 minute life that leads him down a ridiculous antic filled road to realizing that he should have just listened to the angel. Then the credits roll with a happy little cartoon song, and we turn the TV off and go on with our lives. The cartoon was unaware of the struggle.

Well I got news for us generation Y, WE are the gullible, easy tricked cartoons. Life is nothing but a series of choices, the word choice implies that there are options, but yet so often we don’t even take to stop and think about them. I mean its understandable right? The demon offers something much more fun and instantly gratifying. Don’t feel to down, like I said earlier we aren’t aware of the war. We might not realize it was the demon. For instance, if you’ve been in college you’ll be able to relate to this one. We know that we should get up, we have an 8 a.m. class but the bed is so comfortable, we don’t want to get up, we have been spoiled into think we need motivation to do anything, so when we cant bring ourselves to get up we blame it on a lack of motivation or depression. It is neither of those things. What we should blame it on is laziness, or maybe just on ourselves, the demon fooled us and we didn’t even know it!

With that said, is skipping class the biggest problem facing our generation? I wish! But sadly no, just remember, it’s not the behavior that is necessarily the problem, the problem is the attitude behind it. Remember that laziness is the problem that led to you skipping class and I promise a thousand other problems, laziness is something we should be on the watch out for. We need to be able to look down on our right shoulder and say “No way demon, that’s lazy and I don’t want to be that” and turn to the left and say “ Angel although what you offer might not be as fun as staying in bed and sleeping until 5 pm I realize that I need to get up for class, for no other reason than because it is the right thing to do.“ Lets be able to identify laziness and avoid it. Skipping class once or twice isn’t the end of the world, but it isn’t something we should make a habit off. At that point we aren’t making a habit of skipping class, we are making a habit of being lazy, which I think we can all agree is not a very good decision.

Now lets stop with the dramatics, this isn’t ground breaking news, and im not a genius this is something we’ve heard all our lives. “Make good, choices”. It seems like a very novel concept, something very simple to grasp, and that’s the problem. Its too easy, it is too simple for us in all our vast knowledge as smart young adults to even bother our minds with it, and we say “Make good choices? Duhh! Tell me something I don’t know generation X.“ At this point demon has already won. Pride is a very sticky web but every person has to deal, with whether they realize it or not. Pride was the demon in this case, sometimes we are young, full of piss and vinegar, and this is a beautiful thing to be young and motivated! I absolutely love it! But we need to realize we don’t know everything. Lets not let pride stop us from taking good advice from our elders! That is something our generation needs to learn. We need to turn our pride off, turn our egos off, and listen to that old man we think we cant learn anything from. If we approach it like that then then we are absolutely right, we will learn nothing from him. Why waste a perfect opportunity to learn? Isnt that what WE say life is all about? I think we should start at playing by our own rules.

If there is one consensus between all religion it is that pride is a stumbling block that we should avoid at all costs. We hear it all the time, It seems like a very novel concept, something very simple to grasp, and that’s the problem. Its too easy, its too simple for us to even bother our minds with it, and we say “Don’t be prideful? Duhh! Tell me something I don’t know generation X”. Can you see the cycle? That little pride demon is tricky and he knows that pride is very a slippery slope, and he pushed us at the very beginning! You see, sometimes we don’t realize were prideful, but that’s the problem with pride fullness, we trick ourselves into thinking that we aren’t! But I think we are! We might not even realize it, a lot of people don’t, tons of people go their entire life being blissfully unaware of their pride. I am here to say “THIS SHOULD BE AVOIDED”.

Now, don’t think this is a new problem generation Y, we did not create this, this has been around since the dawn of time, since Adam and Eve, or if that’s not real at least since the story of Adam and Eve was written. My question is who cares whose mess it is? Let’s not be too prideful! Lets not be that child in the classroom. The teacher says “pick up that trash”, the child says “That’s not my trash, why do I have to pick it up?”. What does the teacher say? The teacher says “I don’t care who’s trash it is, PICK IT UP!”. The teacher doesn’t care who’s trash it is, and we shouldn’t care whose problem this is. This is our classroom, this is our world, this is your life, this is OUR PROBLEM! It’s time for us to roll up our sleeves and get to work, lets pick the trash out of ourselves!

We have done a lot of focusing on the demon. We have clearly established a problem. So what’s the solution? Well lets take a look over on that left shoulder, the angel. He might be a little dusty, a little skinny, and might honestly seem a little weak at first. The angel is the opposite of the demon, that voice of reason, and in this case humility. Humility allows us to take control of our lives, humility gives us work to do. Humility makes life not boring! How sad it would be to walk through life having everything figured out, or even more sad think you do, but that’s how we act sometimes. Lets stop it . Lets stop it right now for you, for me, and for generation Z. Let’s do what no other generation has been able to do, and that is change.

The revolution is inside you, fire the first shot.

August 29, 2012 at 3:48 am

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Profile photo of mint mint (@mint) 2 years, 7 months ago ago

I somewhat see where you are heading, but I am having troubles understanding you (english is not my first language). Can you please tell me in a short paragraph the general idea of your long speech? :)) Personally the way I see it is that Gen Y is far too easy to manipulate and far too easy to influence.

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