My Heart's Desire

2 years, 4 months ago

For my final project in a class I take we had to conduct a research of your hearts desire.
My first thought, was I want to change the way our government separates the people of this world, and how corrupt people are in the government. This is honestly my desire, to make a change or just spread awareness.
We had to present our idea and bring in a tangible object. Last night when finishing it, I felt awesome about sharing my thoughts and research I did find. I felt like this is really something that people will react to.
On my way to school, I just felt doubt in the acceptance that my peers would have on what I have to present. I told my professor that I had felt nervous about sharing this information because I was afraid of the reaction of people, and how they would feel about me afterwords. How I present myself is just a normal 18 year old who is funny and just bubbly you know. but inside I really do think about things that have an impact on my world. This really does make me feel different, and today I just didn’t feel good about it. My professor was like well if this is really your hearts desire wouldn’t you want to share your thoughts? I was like well yes but I just feel like people would get the wrong message from me. She was like that is very interesting, so you feel like you don’t want to have anything to do with the government, she was like cause I know there are corrupt people in office, and there is green parties that try to get in, I was like yeah but they don’t because they don’t get sponsored by big corporations to gain media. She was like I understand if you don’t want to present you can just hand it in.
After that I just felt like defeated a little that , I am scared of how people will react to me all the time. How would I ever actually take action if i’m too scared to even present the message I want to show the world. My tangible object was “The Greatest Speech Ever Made” video.
Everyone else presented and their issues for their hearts desires were like… their career, school, and boyfriends. These are contemporary issues…
It’s like I felt like if I presented this they would think I had a gun or something Idk.
feel like shitt.

December 4, 2012 at 9:25 am

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Profile photo of TheWalrus TheWalrus (@grosshaj) 2 years, 4 months ago ago

You are not alone. Break free of your fear, respect is the reward…anyway what was the speech?

Profile photo of Sara111 Sara111 (@sarad) 2 years, 4 months ago ago

I would have loved to hear your speech. Most people our age and really all ages are so distracted with things that hardly matter, but your hearts in the right place and your awareness is going to take you further then what anyone thinks of you!

Profile photo of DANM!! DANM!! (@deej) 2 years, 4 months ago ago

@cristinelizabeth,. my question for you is, is your family that way? Also, if it is truly your dream to make these changes in the world and spread awareness then it seems like this is a big step, a necessary step you will have to take eventually to live your dream. In the way that this society runs people are naturally going to be scared and push away ideas like yours but you can’t control that. What you can control is the way you decide to put your message out there. How will you stand in front of the class, how will you say what you want to say? I don’t think you can make people take things the way you want it. They will interpret it in their own heads but you can plant a seed in them and thats all. Remember, people have to want to change, and create that change in themselves. You can’t do that for anyone else but you.
When you wrote the speech you were obviously pretty passionate about it!

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