New Lucid Dreaming Video- Dr.Lucid!

3 years ago

Hey guys, if you’ve not done so already, I created a new Lucid Dreaming video with Dr Lucid… It’s already getting quite a few hits on youtube and has had some great comments!

Check it out and leave some feedback if you can… It has some great advise on techniques and is really easy to digest..

Peace and Blessings,

Nick ;-))

February 29, 2012 at 3:18 pm

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Profile photo of  Anonymous (@) 3 years ago ago

Thanks Nick! This is fantastic. I have just started to lucid dream thanks to this website and your blog. It has really changed my world and perspective on everything in a positive manner. I have always been extremely interested in dreams and now it has become so much more exciting!

I have a question, I am starting to set these routines in order to really experience and control my dreams but I still have trouble grasping the fact that I can be awake in the dream. For example, sometimes when I realize I am dreaming I suddendly feel completely awake and my body is wrenched up and out of the dream and I wake up. Any quick tips to help my mind grasp the concept of being awake and yet asleep?

Profile photo of stonedragon stonedragon (@stonedragon21) 3 years ago ago

Nick are you the creator of that little dr. lucid guy. he is like a Jewish dr. of dreams. he is so cute , but slightly irritating. the advice he gives is super good and clear and has helped me alot. since i watched it last week. i would say i have had half of the time super clear dreams, which could count as lucid.
what is the line between lucid and not.
i think it is being aware that you are dreaming.
also i was able to see things out side my window while i was alseep twice this week. star constelations and then i would suddenly awake and they would be the ones i saw in the dream. is this lucid or OBE. interesting stuff nick. how did you come up with the JEWISH DR? is this your voice?

Profile photo of Nick Barrett Nick Barrett C (@alwayzlucid) 3 years ago ago

Thanks for your message..well it seems like your experiencing a common sympton when we become lucid. We can get extremely excited so when you first become lucid rub your hands together and keep rubbing them.. remain calm and breath slowly.. this does not mean you should halt on the spot and smell the roses so to speak.. you must always try and keep things in motion at a steady pace. This will ground you and keep you firmly in the dreamscape.. check out my blog on grounding:

I hope this helps!


Profile photo of Nick Barrett Nick Barrett C (@alwayzlucid) 3 years ago ago


Thanks for your reply! Glad you like Dr.Lucid! Yes, I am the creator and the voice… It’s really fun doing it, especially when I know it reaches out and inspires people.. ;-)) Jewish you say?? LOL, Yeah I tried to to base him on an ‘Einstein type’ character of Lucid Dreaming! Stay tuned for more and subscribe to my youtube channel..

So you mentioned, “what is the line between lucid and not”…
Well, in short Lucidity in dreaming can help and evolve in many different ways but in general it’s when you realise you are ‘in a dream’ and at the same time realise you have a body sleeping safe and sound in bed simultaneously. You have all your ‘physical’ memories and ‘personality’ (or a copy of) as you do on Earth. This is what we call having full lucidity.
Alternatively, when you are not Lucid (or just in a ‘normal’ dream) we walk within the dreamworld playing out a script made up of our subconscious and emotions. In that state we truly believe that this is the only present reality. When we train our minds to recognise the dream signs and tweek our subconscious- we can be lucid everyday and night.

Interesting, regarding your dream with star consolations.. I’m not entirely sure wether or not it is an OBE.. Out of body experiences can be defined in so many ways. How vivid was it? Was as real as the sensations you get in the physical world? Or maybe more? These are the types of questions we need to ask ourselves when determining what ‘type’ of experience we had. But only you can safely say what the experience meant for you..
One thing that did strike me though, is seeing any type of star consolations are space type scenario usually symbolise ‘excellence’, ‘success’, ‘aspirations’ or ‘high ideals’. At present, you could be trying to reach out and break free from old ordeals-‘reaching for the stars’ so to speak!
I too have had a fair few of star consolation dreams.. A few were ‘OBE’.. One major clue for me to recognise wether it was Lucid or OBE, was when I snapped back to my body after the experience, I would feel tingling all over my body! Where as, if it was a regular Lucid Dream, I would just snap back normally with no bodily sensations..

I hope this helps! Let me know how you get on ;-)))


Profile photo of Jeo7 Jeo7 (@jeo7) 2 years, 2 months ago ago

Nick this is awesome! I wish I found this sooner. I’ve been trying to lucid dream for a while, but with no luck however. Love all the information you give. Keep up the amazing work!

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