Non-lucid Dreams

3 years, 4 months ago

(I figure this is the perfect place to bring this up)

Lately I’ve been going after the goal of lucid dreaming, but kind of half-assed it. I summarize my dreams in the morning, and that’s about it.

However, I am seeing progress. I am remembering my dreams much more often, and with better clarity. Twice, I’ve become aware that I was dreaming, but not like I hear it described.

Example: Recently I was having a bad dream, which involved me being chased in the undercroft of the church, tackled, and then conscripted into the front lines of the army. Yeah. I distinctly remember thinking "I’m dreaming", but there was no snap, no pop.

It wasn’t like I crossed through a haze and became conscious. I recognized that I am dreaming because the likelihood of these events occurring are unrealistic. In my dreams, physics seems to be directly related to our earth (gravity, speed of motion, acoustics in undercroft), and always are plausible events.

So when I told myself "Yeah, I’m dreaming", nothing changed. In my dream I continued to say goodbye to my loved ones as I prepared to be shipped out. I was conscious, but not in control.

Does anybody have any explanation for this?

September 12, 2011 at 3:09 am

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That has happened to me too. I’m no expert but from my experience you need something that will shock you enough that you become conscious, but not so much that you wake up.

Just the other night I had a terrifying dream about walking through a ghost. It wasn’t the visuals that scared me, but the cold feeling of actually feeling the inside of the ghost that overwhelmed me. I knew I was dreaming and instantly woke up. So long story short it was too much of a shock.

Profile photo of SomewhatRelative SomewhatRelative (@setu) 3 years, 4 months ago ago

You didn’t experience any change when you stated to yourself that you were dreaming because you didn’t take the next action to influence your dream. Cause the dream to change yourself, the dream is solely your own production, not a product of something else. As soon as you realize you’re in the dream take command of it and decide what is going to happen. Train yourself to do this every time and you’ll never not lucid dream ever again!

Nowadays even when I’m fully conscious of my dream, it’s rare that I can seize direct control. A lot of the time, what I tell my dream to do doesn’t even work(Like this one time, There was a demon that I had to kill, I tried summoning a weapon and I couldn’t. It was really pissing me off, I couldn’t materialize anything. The dream was really odd how it played out, the way it led me into lucidity and all kinds of things, but that’s a story for another thread.) I’m usually bound by gravity, that’s one of the hardest things for me to break in a dream.

I often realize I’m dreaming and am happily in control of it, then I get absorbed into what and forget that I’m dreaming altogether. Sometimes I regain control later in the dreams, usually I don’t.

Hell, often i’ll realize I’m dreaming and forget right away >_>.

Profile photo of splorgle splorgle (@splorgle) 3 years, 4 months ago ago

I was trying various methods for awhile that i found through different sources. I couldn’t bring myself to realize i was dreaming while i was dreaming at all, but like you said i could remember them alot better.
I got tired of not being able to control my dreams. So i was just searching youtube for some advice and came across a video labeled “lucid dreaming inducion with theta & delta binaural brainwaves”. (i just looked it up to make sure i had the name right) I just repeated something along the lines of, “the next time i am dreaming i will realize i am dreaming, am i dreaming? Is this a dream?”. I listened to this video while i was falling asleep, i had to replay it a few times because i wanted to fall asleep while it was still playing, and it worked. I remember in my dream i was walking down a parking garage and just had the realization “i’m dreaming” then flew out of the garage iron man style haha. I wish i remember more details but this was awhile ago so i don’t remember much more. I haven’t even tried the methods or even thought about lucid dreaming since then for some reason. I’m going to try to get back into that now. I’m sure this won’t work with everyone but i figured i’d share and you could give it a shot. Goodluck!

Profile photo of James James (@jameslarson13) 3 years, 4 months ago ago

try to look for your hands next time you go lucid. It helps and its a small step in taking control of the dream, like alex says is necessary.

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