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Here is where all the new members can give a quick blurb about themselves, and we can all say hello!

Here is a link to the FAQ for all the new members to be sure to read (some of the old members could benefit from reading it too!): http://www.highexistence.com/topic/faq-how-to-use-highexistence/

December 24, 2012 at 11:40 pm
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NomNomAnon (8) (@nomnomanon) 4 years ago ago

Found this website through stumbleupon and decided, what the hell, might as well sign up. So far I really love everything I’ve read here and it’s really refreshing to have a place to come to if I want to read or talk about ideological subjects. I’m looking forward to learning more from here.

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SeniorPoncho (0) (@keru111) 4 years ago ago

@smackie00chan, haha go blogging without pants!

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hazel_abyss (3) (@michaela) 4 years ago ago

So I stumbled upon this site recently and have been on it since. My name is Michaela and I live in a suburban hell. As I am tired of societies opinions and judgments, finding this site has been entirely intriguing. I want to explore my mind and meet new people that view the glass half full!

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chaadders (3) (@chaadders) 4 years ago ago

hi im chad. I found this site from stumble upon and I think the content is awesome. im trying to start a new topic or something just so I can start to get into it more if you know what I mean. im really looking forward to spending a bunch of my time here, I know it will be time well spent

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Alycia (31) (@alyciagibson) 4 years ago ago

StumbleUpon brought many Newbies here. I hope you all keep an open mind and enjoy/respect the thought processes of each other thus growing more.


Hey I’m from Kenya and yes born and raised here.Opted to be a heathen lookin for others in the same boat,wise but uncertain of what to do with the knowledge one has in essence in a state of limbo and indecision.I hope to find something not sure what but i think a piece of the puzzle.I dont expect anything as such but hope to have a tale to give a stranger from this new experience

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Anonymous (10) (@) 4 years ago ago

I Guess I’m A StumbleUpon Newb, But Names Jace, Been Here For Maybe A Week, Chill Site, Just Absorbing The Knowledge.

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Haven (27) (@mycomfyuterus) 4 years ago ago

Hi guys!
I introduced myself on another board last week, but this one seems os much more official.
I’m a former fundamentalist Christian who has secretly left the faith. None of my friends know, which is kind tricky for me, because I was a bit of a mover in my tiny denomination. I was a street preacher, sidewalk evangelist, missionary to a Muslim country and Bible college teacher for a bit. Since none of my people knows, I still go around preaching and stuff.

So there I am. Glad to be here!

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Luisito (1) (@donjuan528) 4 years ago ago

Wasup everybody I found this website through stumbleupon, and I instantly found it fascinating. I got one of those minds that lives in a constant state on questioning, but I think that just makes life that much more exciting. Cant wait to get into some fascinating conversations with some intellectual people.

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anna sun (31) (@smackie00chan) 4 years ago ago

@keru111, i fucking blog how’d you know? lol…… do you??

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anna sun (31) (@smackie00chan) 4 years ago ago

@keru111, blogging without pants is like uh.. life.

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blake (28) (@onewithyomoma) 4 years ago ago

I’m pretty new but everyone on here seems like amazingXD

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jnsimmons (0) (@jnsimmons) 4 years ago ago

Hi there! New here. Gonna take my time to visit and meander through the pages of fun, inspiration and exploration. Thanks for having me.

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…. (9) (@allison) 4 years ago ago

In short, i’m interested in surrounding myself with healthy, positive people like myself and learning about new, neat things.

….and i like long walks on the beach :-)

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Mike (2) (@byaaaawww) 4 years ago ago

Hey dudes and dudines!

I’m Mike from Michigan. This website has opened my eyes so much over the last few weeks and I thank all who have contributed to it. Its really making a difference in my life :]

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karl (0) (@karlhorpestad) 4 years ago ago


I do have a lot on my mind, but never really been contributing to a forum before. But, hey! Isn´t that what this this all about, going out of your comfortzone, I am ready to be challenge, and.. challenge!

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Frannypack11 (1) (@franny11) 4 years ago ago

Hi High existence users, sometimes even in my day to day life I see a lack of enlightenment, sometimes HE is my refreshing escape that lets me know I’m not the only one thinking and feeling this way. Curious seekers of the truth its nice to meet you all, don’t ever hesitate to contact me :) PEACE!

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Frannypack11 (1) (@franny11) 4 years ago ago

@michaela, @infiniteself, @allison, @karlhorpestad, @omarelwatidy, @byaaaawww, @lazyintellectual90, @mycomfyuterus, Nice to meet you all! Always awesome to meet fellow thinkers

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littlefoot (3) (@littlefoot) 4 years ago ago

Hi, my name is Tessa and I just like to bounce ideas around. I love a challenge and that’s what I’m looking for here, to receive and return challenges.

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kevin (4) (@dreedmo) 4 years ago ago

Hey,my name is Kevin,im 16 years old and from germany(thats why my english could be pretty bad) and i recently stumbled upon this site.
I was suprised that i found a site where many people shared similar beliefs with me,so i decided to join.

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Micah Teixeira (0) (@dteixeira272) 4 years ago ago

Well for official introductions, ALOHA, I’m Micah from Oahu Hawaii. Found this sight through some self development links. Thought it to be the greatest place to link up with people that have like minds. I am on a mission to improve myself, my family, and well the world. I can’t do it on my own so I look for places like this to prosper in my goals.

Mahalo Nui Loa from Hawaii
Micah Teixeira

catch me on Fb, Twitter, IG, Eyeem Tumblr. Peace

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Joey (29) (@hallucinate) 4 years ago ago

Hello all,

My name is Joey
I am interested in learning with and about all of you

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Alex (0) (@domovoi) 4 years ago ago

Hello all. I’ve been lurking around the site for about a year. Decided I should actually join.

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purple cloth (3) (@sellerofpurplecloth) 4 years ago ago

Hi! I am new to the site, just joined about… 7 and a half minutes ago to be exact haha, this is a fantastic find for me as a christian (not any specific denomination, just a christian) who loves the chance to expand my world-view. A place where I wont be judged for my beliefs, and people will trust me not to judge them. I attempt to voice all of my opinions as well informed, interesting thoughts, which is quite an accomplishment as most of my thoughts are uninteresting and uninformed patchwork ideas that any sane person would reject on the spot. But then I have always believed that no great woman is entirely sane at any level, and I fully intend to be a great woman. However I will try to fish out some of my better thoughts out of my patchwork-pond-ponderings, and hopefully we can all be great friends! well at least I hope we can have great discussions, and maybe some entirely ridiculous ones, but that’s just all part of the fun of it now isn’t it? so greetings my dears! and have a very lovely existence ;)

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