One mind, One Soul: A mass meditation

2 years ago

The horrible events that have taken place over this year have been too many to count. Wars and genocides across the Middle East and Africa. Natural disasters seemingly one after another. People divided and hating one another no matter where you go. And most recently, the tragedy in Connecticut. Times are certainly trying. They always have been, in fact. But now we have reached a point where together, we can do something about it. For all the suffering and needless pain in the world, nobody seems to spend much time thinking about the one thing that can cure it. Love. Only the through Love can we bring about a transformation so revolutionary, it can hardly be fathomed.

I would like to invite you to what many might call a fools errand.
A joining of souls and minds in One Global, Mass Meditation. People of all religions, age, race, and personal views are invited. Basically, EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON EARTH.

Throughout the day of December 21st, 2012, we will focus and meditate on love, pure and unbiased, and send that much needed energy into the world. A massive undertaking that has never been accomplished before, unified we will rid ourselves of the negative and usher in love, acceptance, and hope. As one people, we can send our hearts, souls, and minds to maybe bring about the beginning of better times. Whether you have a whole day or just a few minutes to spare for the cause, all are needed! Together we will send the signal to the world and the handful of people who are running it, ‘WE ARE DONE WITH HATE, GREED, AND SUFFERING!’

Un-Common Concerns:
1. I don’t know how to meditate?!
A: It’s Easy ;). Although there are many ways to meditate, I will share one that is really easy. Find a quiet place, (natural noise like birds, insects, rain ect. ect. are all fine, and may actually help) and sit with your legs crossed. If this is impossible or uncomfortable for you, you can even do this while sitting in a chair! Breathe deeply and steadily, and close your eyes. Clear your head of all thoughts, focusing on your breathing helps that, and remain still. If a thought comes into your mind, don’t worry about it, just let it sail through and don’t hold on to it. If all goes right, you should begin feeling a relaxed and peaceful meditative state. At this point you can begin to repeat what you want your focus on over and over again in your head, also known as a ‘mantra’, like “Love Love Love” but that is optional.

2. I don’t have the time to meditate.
A: Bullocks. Sure you do. There is no set amount or specific time that you must meditate, granted it’s sometime between midnight Friday morning and 11:59 Friday night. Instead of surfing your phone for 5 minutes when you wake up, take a second to send some positive energy to the rest of the world. In fact, if you are really really busy, you can be meditative even while performing a task like taking a shower or stapling stacks of papers at work, granted that task doesn’t pull too much of your attention.

3. My religion doesn’t teach anything about meditation, so I’m not doing it.
A: Actually, they do! It’s just that they have other terms for it. Whether you want to call it prayer,time with the creator, or for all you atheists out there, ‘alone quiet time’,,,, most if not all spiritual beliefs utilize it in some form. Meditation is truly something between you and your inner reality, whatever that might be.

4: This is stupid. What’s it even gonna accomplish?
A: Who knows? With the state of things being the way they are right now, anything positive can help. At the very least, you get to be part of something huge and amazing, and get to relax for a little bit. Sounds like a win / win to me.

5: Will anyone actually do this?
A: Once again, who knows? This is a strange event in the sense that it will be impossible to count attendance. As I’m sure all of you know, just because a bunch of people RSVP to something, it doesn’t mean they will actually show up. That means it all comes down to you. You will make this happen.

6: This is some sort of crazy 2012 thing isn’t it?
A:Regardless of what you believe might or probably won’t happen on December 21st, 2012, wouldn’t it be nice for the world to spend one day focusing on love? Look at it this way. If the sun rises on December 22, then the world will be that much brighter, and we can bring about the revolution of love together and united. If by chance we get smacked by a rogue planet, get thrown into space, blasted by the sun, or suffocated by a super-volcano, our parting message to this planet will be one of Love. Once again, a no lose scenario (figuratively speaking of course :p).

Together, we can accomplish what the jaded say is impossible. A new Era of global Love… a Grand Lovealution. It all starts with you. You have the power to change things. Although one person thinking of love is hardly much, it is like a pebble thrown into a lake. You can create a ripple that grows and grows. United, our ripples with make waves and reshape our Home. If you are honestly not happy with the state of the world today, then this is how you can begin to change it. Invite Everyone you know. Even if you don’t know them very well or don’t like them. Whatever! You are important, we are important, and together, we are unstoppable. Love and Peace.

*********INVITE ALL YOUR FRIENDS**************
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December 17, 2012 at 10:50 pm

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Profile photo of Sara111 Sara111 (@sarad) 2 years ago ago

I will definitely be focusing on a better future for the world on the 21… and have been really trying to turn my attention to a better world and not the horrible things that are going on in at the moment.

I know we can make a better future, just believe and focus on it everyone(:


@sarad, well said :) i took the facebook page down because i want to change things around on it, make it more accessible. if anyone has any suggestions on this undertaking, or even help to offer, i will take it! this means a lot to me, and I think the world could benefit. Our parents, teachers, and elders tell us that we can change the world, but noone really tries. lets give it a shot.

Profile photo of Sara111 Sara111 (@sarad) 2 years ago ago

I hope that even if nothing crazy or something huge happens you all see that we are heading in the right direction and with that we WILL change. So no disappointments just see how far we have come!

Profile photo of KellyM KellyM (@kellah) 2 years ago ago
Profile photo of Matthew L Wynn Matthew L Wynn (@matthewynn) 2 years ago ago

I’m totally down. Something like this already happened, perhaps on a bigger scale if you want to check it out!

And by the way the signal shouldn’t be what we’re “done with”.l. it should be able what we’re ready for :D You only attract more of what you think about.

Profile photo of Ollie Ollie (@classicoliver) 2 years ago ago

Perhaps we’ll all transcend reality and that will be how the supposed end of the world will come about.

Profile photo of  Anonymous (@) 2 years ago ago

@matthewynn, I was about to mention TheMasterShift!
here are their timezones for if people wanted to diary it so that they dont forget
and an event


@francina, neat site! Glad to see others have the same idea!

@kellah, @sarad,
made a video

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