Outside Perception of the Human Race

2 years ago

I watched this movie while high and thought it had some really crazy and awesome ideas about life, and what other species would think about us as humans were they to find us.

So I was wondering how you all think an alien race would perceive us.

December 9, 2012 at 3:58 am

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Profile photo of Alice B Alice B (@bronzefish) 2 years ago ago

I’ll watch this tomorrow if all goes to plan, and get back to you. This perspective of us has always interested me. Humans are every bit as fascinating as other species, if not more so, you just have to get over the horror of seeing flaws in your own kind.

Profile photo of Ray Butler Ray Butler M (@trek79) 2 years ago ago

I don’t think aliens would be much interested in us scientifically but as far as art, expression, creativity, emotion, these things may be a little more interesting to them. If they have a long history of similar things, art, then they would be understand the appeal, but if they have never seen art before they would be interested in devining the significance and appeal of it.
People say that beings that are capable of interstellar, even intergalactic, travel would be so far above us that we would be insects, like watching monkeys throwing faecies at each other, but I think they would see that we have the ability of conceptualization, something unique on Earth and likely rare in the universe at large, and so they would be interested in that.
Yes we have many pea brains douching it up, but we have quite a few beautiful minds out there that reveal our potential. Maybe they would see that as a threat, maybe as an opportunity for exploitation but just maybe they would be interested in what we could bring to the table, perhaps not right now but eventually we may be worth knowing.

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