Perception from the Individual.

2 years, 4 months ago

Hey folks. I haven’t been on in a bit. MUCH to read on. Ill be having myself a night. :)

Anywho, This question i’m about to ask is what brought me back after so long. i find it so interesting to get informed on different outlooks on this mess of a world we live in.

How do you find yourself understanding the world you live in? How to you come to comfort with your surroundings and what is your perception on the whole thing?

Lets talk about what the hell we live in and how we’ve come to understand it before we go trying to fix it all. Religious debates, you name it. I’m interested. :)

Thanks as Always,

October 21, 2012 at 1:43 am

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Profile photo of Drakonetta Drakonetta (@drakonetta) 2 years, 4 months ago ago


This is my first post and one i will find easy to answer from my POV :)

I used to be grounded with fear of mind control, conspiracy theories etc, i was under so much stress too, and memories of the past which weren’t so fun.

I then got mild psychosis. At the time i was smoking a lot of green, and i think it knocked me in a good direction. It forced me to face everything that’s happened to me, and i don’t know how many would say so, but i found the psychosis a fun experience. I was on holiday in another realm so to speak.

Anyway, since then (almost 2 years ago now) i have learnt a lot about life and i am always learning more. Through my ‘illness’ I have learnt to go with the absolute flow, let things happen as they may, not to push or force anything (which i always used to do) i still do sometimes but i realize when im doing it and also that when i don’t force things, or want things, amazing things will happen. Im done with worrying about the state of the world, because i just have a feeling that it simply cannot continue the way it is. The following generations i believe will eventually turn it around. we can only plant the seed, make them aware.

I believe everything as waves, and if you think about it (though not too much) everything can be seen as a wave. As a whole the wave is reaching its peak (or maybe already has) and is going to/crashing down.

If people ask for my opinion or help, i have never ending patience and i will give them my opinion, but i never force it upon anyone. i feel like im a neutral person, i rarely get emotional, or impatient (unless i want something which im learning to drop!) but when i do its usually emotions of happiness. When i do get emotional i realize how trivial the reason is.

I have always had an interest in what may happen after death, and have aired my views to my close ones about it. They have been so supportive, and i have realized that unless we can positively know (for certain) what happens after death, then why worry about it, and instead patiently wait for it. to me i see it as the ultimate surprise. no matter what experiences people may have with certain drugs / nde’s, you cannot positively know what happens, until it happens. It is a moment that cant be leaked, that cant slip off some ones tongue, and until then, i continue to enjoy my life and make peace with everything.

I enjoy looking at everything, how intricate it all is. I enjoy seeing visualizations as i fall asleep. I look forward to the next cool thing that pops up.

So in general, i trust the process, have no problem with eating food i enjoy, and yes, i enjoy it, even if it may have bad press etc. I believe we need to stop having our views on life dictated by everyone else, and find out for ourselves, that eliminated worry and fear, and is a fun experience :)

Profile photo of Filip Filip M (@filipek) 2 years, 4 months ago ago

@rotoenforco, Start meditating and/or start Being. Live life consciously and you will get all your answers.

Profile photo of carson carson (@jamescarson) 2 years, 4 months ago ago

I am really interested in the idea of being, however I think I have attributed a greatly lesser significance to the experience than others, as some seen to have seen it as the end all of philosophy and purpose. This is why I am interested in what you think, as you talk about meditation, which indicates you practice “being” and therefore should have a lucid view on the first hand experience.
I think it is more of a stepping stone in the human psycho-social evolution, whereby we utilise our self-awareness to regulate the overwhelming body of information we experience providing a platform to adapt to our existential problems. Then I believe this change has a variety of profound symptoms which are to extensive to cover without waffling, but are largely beneficial to individual and social well-being in a hedonistic and utilitarian sense.

– Is your understanding of “being” synonymous with Eckhart Tolls meditations/lectures describing the “now”?

– Once you have actualised the state of continuous “being” where did you go from there? did you feel it was the essentials ends of you personal development, rather than a means for further growth?

– Without using any teachings/principles that are expounded in an accepted philosophical system, explain the questions the experience answered for YOU!


Profile photo of Ben Ben (@cognizantelephant) 2 years, 4 months ago ago

@jamescarson, “I am really interested in the idea of being, however I think I have attributed a greatly lesser significance to the experience than others, as some seen to have seen it as the end all of philosophy and purpose. ”

So you think less of it, because others are not well informed? Hmmm.

Profile photo of carson carson (@jamescarson) 2 years, 4 months ago ago

Oh no it is not that, I don’t necessarily think others are uninformed, they just see the experience in a different way to me.

It is just the simple difference in me seeing the experience as a fruit of practice whereas some others appear to have seen it as the only or most valuable fruit to be attained.

The experience Itself was valuable for me, however I think it will form a platform for growth, a means rather than an ends.

I can see how it looked like I was implying what you said, however that was not how I intended to sound. Hope I cleared up what I meant :)

Profile photo of Starry Eyed BLiND. Starry Eyed BLiND. (@cristinelizabeth) 2 years, 4 months ago ago

@drakonetta, I can relate to you so much. Haha crazy, that all makes sense to me.
@rotoenforco, my views of my surroundings is to mind my own business no matter what. Anything that I find out or see or experience is for me to take in and interpret it in my own way. How I feel about a person by their actions, is how I view them until they prove me other wise. I trust very few. Except, when I am in public just making normal transactions of purchase I just tend to get along with people, but when I am in a social situation with people my own age, I feel out of place, like I am looking at situations from a place that no one else has access too. I feel like I can read people and what they are emitting into the world, and honestly if it’s not worthy of me to like learn something or enjoy what they have to share, I don’t give them a lot of my time. I always get overwhelmed with the thoughts about the reality of everything. Everyone comes from a dark place it seems like, and when we find something we love we make it an addiction, short term long term anything is an addiction. We’re all following what we think is whats true. But why do we have to color in the lines? I think Death will set us free, it is relieving to know that no one makes it out alive, and it makes me want to get so much out of everything. Overall I just live inside my head most of the time, I don’t share what’s really going on in my head. Only on here. I think that’s what makes us all enigmas, we all want to be mysterious so we can dig more at each other and build relationships. But honestly I just like to keep growing.
Worrrd. Life is weird, so be your own weird, and take in everyone’s experience on life as much as possible

Profile photo of Lewis Lewis (@95lewiscameron) 2 years, 4 months ago ago

Put simply, I don’t. I can’t understand this, nobody really can. Sure, we can explain the act of evolution, we can come up with theories of why we’re here and how this all started and what happens after all this is finished but…we don’t really know, do we? Maybe this gives me comfort. Maybe I look around at the world and I realise that this could be my one shot. So having said that, maybe for once, ignorance truly is bliss. I mean, mostly, it isn’t. Don’t get me wrong, knowledge is something I strive for, but perhaps if I was aware of what is really going on then I wouldn’t be so happy to be here, or I wouldn’t be so comfortable. Maybe if we all knew for certain that this was it, we’d be too scared to take any risks. Maybe if we all knew for certain that this was just a test, we wouldn’t push on with our dreams and goals because we know we have as long as we very well please…

I don’t know where I’m going with this post anymore. Personally I believe that this is it. I have fleeting moments of believing that human emotion is too strong for us to not have a soul, but then I think again and time and time again I come to a conclusion that we are not special, and we are not going anywhere once this finishes… Which is sad yet exciting, because I know that I have about sixty years tops to finish whatever I have to finish, and maybe, just maybe come to terms with all of this craziness.

Profile photo of carson carson (@jamescarson) 2 years, 4 months ago ago

@cognizantelephant, sorry forgot to tag you

Profile photo of Filip Filip M (@filipek) 2 years, 4 months ago ago

@jamescarson, Sorry for the short answer, but have limited internet access now:

– Not only Eckhart Tolle his idea of Being, but as he explain it in The Power of Now and A New Earth, yes that is what I mean.

Being as in being conscious, aware of the things you do, not taken away by the riots of fragmentary and discordant thoughts. Being as thought by Vipassana and other meditation techniques.

I have not reached anything, I have not actualised anything. I am being as much as possible, whenever I ‘remember’ whenever I am aware, then I am. Cannot put it any differently right now in a shorter way than this. Hope it helps!

Good luck !

Profile photo of Judy G S Q Judy G S Q (@decaffeinated) 2 years, 4 months ago ago

after a moment I decided to spill every thought that I’ve been thinking about life lately on here and since this is from my POV, I don’t have the intention to offend anyone.

life, for me, is just a temporary state that a soul goes through. this life will just turn into an illusion of memories after this state. this illusion of memories will be forgotten just like the soul is being renewed as it moves on.

in life, we experience stuff. we basically apply things that people from the past had made for us: the rules and beliefs. each country has rules and each religion has beliefs. God exists/doesn’t. gun control is good/bad. homosexuality is/isn’t a sin. drinking is/isn’t good. weed is good/bad. whatever you believe in, is what makes you the kind of person you are. is these beliefs that create inequality, debates and arguments which means that in life, there will always be 2 sides in every situation and nothing is 100%. we can never fully understand every individual in this world. but there’s a common thing that we all seek for: happiness. do whatever you like, believe in whatever you believe in and live your life. but this world will never have equality.

people from the older generation may not be right. as we grow and die, newer generation will probably explore new stuff that we, at that time, will be the old generation, didn’t get a chance experienced. the universe keeps growing.

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