Politics = Religion

2 years, 3 months ago

Politics is very much a form of religion..or perhaps religion allowed itself to become like politics…that my friends would have to be a whole separate forum. Religion being the belief in; and/or worship of; not to be confused with faith. Some could say religion was the first form of politics or even the first established form of government , like in the case of the catholic church. Some would argue that government is not only necessary but vital to our civil progression, which I would agree. Not everyone has the time, passion, brains or interest to be part of decision making for the masses. Seeing as humans tend to gather and group, is only natural or even perhaps inevitable to have a leader(s). With that being said, religion has played a major part in humans existence, and progression. Not only has it given a sense of hope, or belief, it has provided others if a majority of us with a set of moral rules. Such as it isn’t right to kill without cause, cheating, terms of a lie, etc. etc. In religion you have what most call elders, in politics they are called politicians. In politics you have different parties with their own personal ideals(agendas) on how things are and/or should be. In religions you have multiple denominations, each with their own ideals(prophecies) on how it was, how it is, how it will be. When an elder, pastor, bishop, pope, priest etc. speaks to their respective followers, we take it for truth. After all he is the “one” chosen by the masses so he must be legit. When a congressman, prime minister, senator, president etc. speaks, the followers have basically the same response. My point is the following, in both cases there’s plenty of evidence of both, the religious leaders and politicians withholding knowledge and the truth to be set free amongs the minds and life’s of the people. Through out history we find evidence of this, from made up stories to misleading information. Time after time those in power become arrogant and ignorant in their own power, that leads them to believe that them and only them should have such knowledge, should know the truth and no one else is capable or perhaps even worthy of such prestige enlightenment. After all, knowledge is power, and who in power wants to share or even less, willingly hand over power?! In closing, only those who dared to believe the contrary, those who dared to dream of a world and a way different to the one that was thought to them, only those willing to take the chance, the time to search, educate and discuss, even at times breaking the established rules or beliefs, only they, are able to find such truth and ultimately empowering themselves with the knowledge through the process.

October 21, 2012 at 5:53 pm

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In short, religion and politics are just two forms of mass control. The languages developed in both lead people to believe in fallacy because the structure of the language makes anything seem morally sound and beneficial to the masses when in reality the only people gaining anything are the ones preaching.

Profile photo of G_iO G_iO (@g33rivers) 2 years, 2 months ago ago

@alltoohuman, @goodnightrobots, thank you both for your input. @alltoohuman Can’t say I completely understand the abstract, but I will def. check out the link.

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