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I’ve been reading HE for a while now, and I really like it.. but I haven’t joined till now.. but I really wanted to share this article.. I found it really interesting and hopefully some others will too! I’m in the medical field, so it’s pretty cool for me whenever I see a connection of sorts between all the science and spirituality.. anyways, here’s a link..

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Mark (@mfowler73)2 years ago ago

@ragingsunrise, Very interesting article. I dunno how I feel about near death experiences but I remember reading an article on Cracked about how whenever someone has a NDE they lose seven pounds while being “dead”. Some people attribute this to “souls” having a physical weight

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Anonymous (@)2 years ago ago

There are other articles like this on, but this one is particularly awesome. Thanks!

So when we all die, who wants to like, meet up and chill?

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Fernando (@fpalazuelos1)2 years ago ago

Amazing article! I loved reading it!… What this doctor saw in his “journey” reminds me a bit of what @thomaschong saw when he took the 50 drops of acid…

Mr. Chong, I would love to hear your opinion about this article. I also remember your belief that we all experience a “trip” like this after we die, due to the amount of DMT released, but this doctor’s brain was shut down and he experienced something transcendental. What are your thoughts?

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emma (@emmaclaire)2 years ago ago

this article is pretty good too:

I was actually so interested in the subject of NDEs that I bought and read “Life After Life” by Raymond Moody. I would definitely suggest it to anyone who is really interested in the subject. I think I bought it on abebooks for less that $5. There is SO much information in it and a lot of different accounts of NDEs that are STRIKINGLY similar.

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Kniphofia (@thomaschong)2 years ago ago

@fpalazuelos1, Drugs are a powerful force, but, with the thousands of gods and hundreds of thousands of religions we’ve had over the years, I find it hard to believe that there is a god, and that we know who he is and what he wants. I believe that the highest power in my life is me, I have the power over death and the power of life, I am a god, on a scale localized to me. But there is no afterlife other than the chemicals our brain gives us in order to ease us through the process of dieing. The belief in a god makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. I have died, a couple times actually. I puked and choked on it and was either dead or close to it. But I was aware of the chemicals that our body gave us, I was aware of what was happening, I didn’t see myself from an outside perspective, I saw myself from an interior one. And no matter how many years I live, I will never be able to transfer that experience into words.

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ItsBrian (@itsbrian10)2 years ago ago

@emmaclaire good find i enjoyed reading that