2 years ago

Help! I have a Social Psychology final tomorrow at 7pm and I can’t focus on studying.
I’ve blocked myself from Facebook, tumblr, and all my other usually vices except for HE (because I figured it’s more of an educational break from studying).

Tips on staying focused? Who else has an exam right now that they should be studying for but you’re on here instead? My procrastination is my biggest problem when it comes to school haha.

(This entire post was out of procrastination… oh man)

December 3, 2012 at 12:30 pm

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Profile photo of Mick Mick (@mick) 2 years ago ago

Haha… I’ve exams next week and haven’t attended college all semester so I know how you feel.

The last 3 days of study have gone really well. What I’ve done is set myself out to study in 2 hour sessions with 15 minutes break between each. It allows me to have some time to explore the web (especially HE), get something to eat or go and do something else for a brief period. The magic about the 15 minutes is that it gives you just about enough time to chillax and take your mind off the study without getting yourself too immersed in what you choose to do in the 15 minutes and you’ll find it easy to go back studying. I try to keep my usage of facebook to a minimum because you know how easy it is to get caught on there. The main thing is to get yourself into a good rhythm with this. Set out a timetable, stick to it and it becomes easier as you keep going.

I can get up to 10 hours of study done in this way however I can’t see why I couldn’t get 12 to 14 hours done if I got up earlier! Haha :)

Profile photo of Nikolaj Katballe Nikolaj Katballe (@niko2210) 2 years ago ago

Try this out, it works for me :)

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