Random ringing/buzzing background noise

2 years ago

When i’m just randomly sitting around only in the U.S. (been traveling some lately)… I hear this background noise that is really hard to describe, like a very soft ringing/buzzing. No idea if this is my mind playing with me or what, but it happens a good amt and I don’t really even notice it until I focus on it. Any1 else ever heard this ‘background noise’?

December 31, 2012 at 1:50 am

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Profile photo of Kimo Kimo (@kkainoa) 2 years ago ago

Ehhh, I’m not a doctor, but I’m pretty sure that’s normal. On a related note, I wonder what it sounds like for dogs, cats, horses, etc.

Profile photo of Sputnik Sputnik (@sputnik) 2 years ago ago

There is a good chance this is 60 cycle hum, noise produced by alternating current electricity. (60 cycles per second in the U.S.) It is usually present inside buildings but how noticeable it is depends on ambient noise, type of lighting used, and other mundane factors. Florescent lights are the worst offenders.

Usually this fades into background noise but since you noticed it you have started to become conscious of it. So you could say that your perception has improved and you are seeing (hearing at least) the world more clearly.

What else in your environment is always there without being noticed?

Profile photo of Kimo Kimo (@kkainoa) 2 years ago ago

@sputnik, Your nose is always there! Your brain just ignores it, right?

Profile photo of Chris Chris (@chlomo) 2 years ago ago

@happiness222, alot of people think this is a result of HAARP, others a side-effect of acesnision after taking ORMUS whatever it is your doctor would likely diagnose tinitis and maybe have you checked out for Menieres disease.

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