Reverse Engineering: The Liars Stew

2 years, 2 months ago

ingredients required:

(1) Foundation of re|evancy

depending on the type of stew, the foundation needs to appear real, the following variations are only some of many:

– science the ‘distiller’ – using science is easy because many do not understand it, or, have been taught it is the only truth, befuddlement under context is the main component here

– spirituality the ‘mindnumber’ – using spirituality, whether through religion or some other spiritual variation, is great to use for two reason: (1) the terms are incredibly subjective, therefore easy to play around with, and (2) the terms all mean the same thing, making the subject relational to all, creating a nice finish within the foundation,

– socially known, the ‘reality bender’ – personally, my favorite ingredient, a bit tangy, but when used within the right social context, something the general populace knows about to some degree, the finished foundation is amazing!

(2) The Stew of Confusion

there is really one main ingredient here, but the variations are limitless and always amusing,

– Emotions, the ‘reality blanket’ – a dash of this, no matter the foundation, ensures the overall flavor, delicious! instead of focusing on the foundation, the liquid emotional broth distorts everything else, making it challenging after awhile to even taste the foundation. the sweet allure of the broth is always a mental struggle to supersede, and sadly with most people, they cannot, and will soon find themselves lost within the flavor,

so, simplified, Foundation of relevancy + Emotional distortion = The Liars Stew,

December 17, 2012 at 1:30 pm

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Profile photo of ELI var namnet ELI var namnet (@manimal) 2 years, 2 months ago ago

So you do understand what you’re doing? Figures…
You’ve been making lots of this stew….

For most people, the “flavour” part is all that matters. No need to bother with the other stuff when dealing with the commoners.
False positivity, the dreamy lovey hippie-ish mumbojumbo, is just like sugar. Most people go crazy for that taste, and it also gives them a giddy buzz, and it’s highly addictive and feeds all sorts of parasites and sickness, while also deteriorating the mind and body and hijacking the reward system. It gets them into rollercoaster mode, making them easy to rock back and forth as you please.

Judgement, ego-boosting and causes to join is like salt, it adds that distinction and accentuation, it’s sharp and intense but oh so appealing in small doses, and it works with fucking everything. It creates a sensation of thirst, makes the horses drink so to speak, and in the long run causes all sorts of disorders, clogs and stagnation. They come to you with these problems, and you can use them even more while they believe that you’re solving them.

Anger, the divide and conquer approach, is like pepper. Some people love it more than any other flavours, others just can’t stand it. It goes well with pretty much anything, and to those who like it it’s the most potent one.
It burns, it leaves an unpleasant aftertaste, it feels bad afterwards, and you’ll be in a world of pain passing it out the other end.

Agreement and community is like MSG. It’s subtle, but it adds that little extra to just about anything. It’s manufactured in most cases, it doesn’t really have a place in most cases, but most people like it a lot on everything. It has a host of negative effects, but most people ignore and deny these, they’ll swallow anything whole if you use this stuff.

Niceties and supplication is like yeast extract. It barely gives off a taste, but it makes them eat more and keeps them coming back for more and more. And they’ll never have any idea why. And they’ll have no idea about the side effects either.

Subtle is often the name of the game.

That’s why you should always be cautious of people who put up a nice facade, spice and wrap up their words in a nice package, and hit you at your deepest, weakest spots.

And the worst part of all? The vast majority of you, with extremely few exceptions, are hooked on this shit. And you will deny this, and keep getting lied to and manipulated.

Truth more often than not hurts. Being away from your addictions and simulations more often than not is a big strain.

The worst people are usually the ones that seem the best.

With their flavourings, they can keep you eating shit, while you never even so much as consider that it might be shit.

And even those of you who are alert and smart enough to see through this veneer of flavour, keep falling for the foundations. With extremely few exceptions.

The people who do not add flavour, neither sugarcoating nor peppering, are the people who want nothing from you, who have no intention to fool you. The only ones who play their cards on the table and give you what you see.
Do not take it with a grain of salt, because salt is one of these deceptive flavours, always take things as they are.

If things are not good enough as they are, no amount of flavouring will change that. You’re just fooling yourself, fooling others, and being fooled by others.

Flavour is for the dumbasses. Eating is done for nutrition, consuming information is done for wisdom and the results it brings. Anything else is a bullshit distraction.

What do you want more?



…stimulation and niceties?

Use your brain.

Profile photo of Tine Tine (@tine) 2 years, 2 months ago ago


mmmmm.. the ingredient accumulation stated within your response xmutes the stew into a witch’s brew, whose creation requires several generic, red humanoid demons to dance around it for 6 hours, occasionally sprinkling the ingredients in,

a masterpiece of deception

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