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Starry Eyed BLiND. (@cristinelizabeth)    1 year, 11 months ago

My therapist recommended reading this book, and she gave it to me to borrow. She said she uses Reiki on her dogs!
She said theres ways to do it on yourself. Just wondering if anyone has ever had a session of this?

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Eric (@blankey)1 year, 11 months ago ago

Nope but interesting if anyone has!

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I’m Reiki II, and my master adamantly encourages self-Reiki in addition to Reiki on any living thing. The main caveat to Reiki is that all masters will say that you must be attuned to Reiki in order to be able to channel it. But hey, Usui received no attunement (from a human, at least), so what’s the deal? Other than economics, possibly nothing. I’m still not sure how I feel about Reiki.