Scouts and questioning beliefs

3 years, 8 months ago

When I was younger, I was a scout for about 10 years and it really had a powerful influence on who I am right now. Loving nature, being open-minded, having self-confidence are all traits I have developed thanks to the scouting experience. I know that scouting is different in many parts of the world and some applications of it I don’t like. But in my country, what we basically do is go camping, make fires, do hikes, do some sort of treasure hunts, sing around the fire, make wood constructions etc. There is no separation of sexes, there is no religion bias and it’s not strict or rigid. It’s more "go with the flow". I make all these distinctions because from what I see in movies, scouting in the US is different.

Now, to get to my point. I just got back into scouting after about 8 years of inactivity because I want to help shape the young minds and, maybe through them, create a brighter future, or at least trying. And I thought a lot about what is my main message that I want to convey to teenagers. Of course, in actuality, I am the message. The way I behave around them, what I say, how I say it will leave a mark on them. But besides that, taking into consideration a more proactive approach, I would say that my main message would be "Think for yourself. Question everything. Don’t take on faith or authority what a person on TV tells you, or what a site tells you etc.". It all comes down to questioning beliefs, big or small.

So, do you have any ideas on how I can transmit this message? Analogies, examples, games I could do etc.? This august I will be surrounded by around 700 scouts for 2 weeks and would like to try out some things :)

July 28, 2011 at 9:44 am

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Profile photo of Trisha Trisha (@trishashifter) 3 years, 7 months ago ago

So have you begun your august scouting yet? i’m sorry that more people didn’t respond to this thread. i think your goal is awesome. i don’t have a lot of advise, i wish i did. i have more experience at taking care of the elderly than influencing children. but i would love to hear about how it went?

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