Shit that YOU MADE

 Jody Hatton (@xdude) 6 years ago

Hello! My name is Jody and I’m sick of seeing people post stupid shit that other people made.

Not on here — on Facebook. The latest plague seems to be quote images. Not text quotes, images with nothing but words in them. UGH! Consume consume!

I’m not exactly sure why I’m so threatened by it all — I mean, as a creator, noticing that 99% of people don’t make their own stuff should give me comfort.

But anyway. Here’s some stupid, pointless, mediocre shit I made — BUT I MADE IT!

Please post something YOU made!


May 25, 2012 at 2:55 pm
Kazi (139) (@kazi) 6 years ago ago

@spiralout1, LOVED IT

Wahosken (8) (@wahosken) 6 years ago ago

I made this skate park in my backyard. FOR FREE!!!!

Part 1:

Part 2:

I also wrote this song!!!

Please check out my other videos. I have more music and skateboarding.

Anonymous (2,833) (@) 6 years ago ago

@xdude, lol

Dan (890) (@danfontaine) 6 years ago ago

I’m an arrangement, estrangement 
My will is real I have no containment 
Love me or I should press your face into the pavement
I mean this and I’m so so serious 
If you think I’m delirious, I’ll tell you I’m the definition of sanity
Most of whom I’ve met is filled with nothing but the vanity and so sad, B
Don’t you understand you’re a cot damn battery?
Potential raw but yall finna get dead, a casualty
That’s some shit sure as that bastard, gravity
Whose got family?
Whose honest to God living in hell?
Wake. Snap the fuck out or I’ll send you to hell
Well I’m not gonna dwell though I’m madder than hell
Maybe hit it back up in the se’qwell’
And be like straight freaking the bells, yeah that’d be swell 
A sample from the sixties and a drum kit as well
I’m wary of these fools
Choose to lose – medicate with the booze
Green or white stuff, in cuffs
But trust, I gotan eagle to smack up
Ope! No luck 
The infrastruct’ was too real
Got me feelin disgust 
And I might just self destruct 
No emo, electric reactor style going haywire – voltorb wouldn’t even know
I roll with the fo sho mojo to split open minds
Getting the weak mad at me when I shit on how yalls is blind
And without sayin a word, venomous rhymesayer lashing out on this track and that’s illa murder murd ya heard
I wanna be curious as George while leading by example
Bullets and knives can’t take my nine plus lives
Can’t touch my anthem
I’m a ghost I’m a phantom
Nothing here is really even happenin
I can’t show you but you’ll find it if you stop lying 
Embrace the mirror, clutch fear in your right feel the love from the left
Steer your wheel, forever pioneers 
We can all be seers

Living Stone (153) (@cloudstuck) 6 years ago ago

I made a documentary about Facebook last year for uni…feel free to watch it, it goes for 11 minutes. I hope you enjoy….

Dimitris (27) (@cubilone) 6 years ago ago

@cloudstuck I liked your documentary Nick. I liked how that man near the end said that on social media it’s very difficult to behave in a non-egocentric way. That’s so very true! I’d love to see the full film, if you’re going to make it in the end. What are you studying?

Dan (890) (@danfontaine) 6 years ago ago

@tri458, YES! The deadmau5 head. Awesome

Meghan (218) (@meghan) 6 years ago ago

@danfontaine, thank you! I love making them. These are small, but I really want to make a big, massive, super colorful rug. Like big enough to lay on. :)

Meghan (218) (@meghan) 6 years ago ago

@xdude, thank you very much :) and i know lol they would be good to step onto when you get out of the shower too though

Meghan (218) (@meghan) 6 years ago ago

@kazi, I do not have an etsy yet. But ill probably have one soon. I’m really just getting started. If you want one though I can make it pretty much however you want :D

Leonardo Cavaletti (2) (@megaleon) 6 years ago ago

Thanks god my entire university career is about making shit :)

Living Stone (153) (@cloudstuck) 6 years ago ago

@cubilone, Thanks. I’m glad you likked it. It was very fun to make it. I don’t think I’ll ever finish it cause I sort of lost the project files.

He was a great person to interview. Really intelligent man.

I made the doco cause I felt at the time it was very important. Now I’m starting to see the positive uses of social networking. I was very bias, but hey, I wanted to be. haha

Here’s another video I made when I was much younger. Back in year 10 at high school.

I’m studying Film and Television.

Tanner Hills (1) (@djrockpup) 6 years ago ago
Tanner Hills (1) (@djrockpup) 6 years ago ago
JT (8) (@tri458) 6 years ago ago

@djrockpup, that’s tight.

JustHer (26) (@staringatstars) 6 years ago ago

and the one called caged no more and Caged No More are mine but i dont know why they wont really come up.

Not too good at drawing but i randomly starting drawing shapes and then started to see a picture and went with it.

JustHer (26) (@staringatstars) 6 years ago ago

So it did come up and here it is. sorry to waste space guys, im not too good with computers sometimes.

Convict Hammer (15) (@convicthammer) 6 years ago ago

Just a little sculpture I was working on as a timekiller, but I made this shit, nice post btw

Tanner Hills (1) (@djrockpup) 6 years ago ago

@tri458 thx man, I like your deadmau5 head

North (22) (@north) 6 years ago ago

Here’s my electronic music :)

Though it pales in comparison to most of this stuff haha

Jordan Lejuwaan (23,417)A (@jordan) 6 years ago ago

@danfontaine, @kazi, I love your art! I put some of it in the images section. I hope you don’t mind :)

Ka (307) (@kaciula) 6 years ago ago

I’ve created an Android app that helps designers get inspiration from real life by extracting color palettes from photos ( There’s also a free Lite version to try it out).

Here’s @meghan rug:

Meghan (218) (@meghan) 6 years ago ago

@kaciula, Wow that’s pretty sweet! I like that idea

Zaid (1) (@dontneedaname) 6 years ago ago

Hey there people ! Im studying in med school but I love taking pictures ! Check them out !

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