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 Jody Hatton (@xdude) 6 years ago

Hello! My name is Jody and I’m sick of seeing people post stupid shit that other people made.

Not on here — on Facebook. The latest plague seems to be quote images. Not text quotes, images with nothing but words in them. UGH! Consume consume!

I’m not exactly sure why I’m so threatened by it all — I mean, as a creator, noticing that 99% of people don’t make their own stuff should give me comfort.

But anyway. Here’s some stupid, pointless, mediocre shit I made — BUT I MADE IT!

Please post something YOU made!


May 25, 2012 at 2:55 pm
Anonymous (2,653) (@) 6 years ago ago

@north, I liked that. Really relaxing. It actually sounds just like a soundtrack/background for a cool video. :) When I had a subscription in bandzoogle, I used to make the same kind of stuff like “in a galaxy”. I made it based on my pseudonym – beyond, beyond earth. Moons and stars and stuff. But why is yours Stupid Human? :D

North (22) (@north) 6 years ago ago

@beyond, Thanks! I was going for a deep chill sound, like you’re on some abandoned spaceship :P

I just fiddle around with names, and that one came up, I like the idea of seeing humans through like an aliens point of view

Jordan Lejuwaan (23,417)A (@jordan) 6 years ago ago

I love this thread.

Kazi (139) (@kazi) 6 years ago ago

@jordan, i don’t mind at all, such an honor!

FindYourGreatness (344)C (@jpete011) 6 years ago ago

My attempts to make music a few years back:


FindYourGreatness (344)C (@jpete011) 6 years ago ago

@north, Dude that track is really nice and peaceful. Great work!

Bryce :) (8) (@brycevoort4) 6 years ago ago

This is a SHIT poem i wrote, for a girl I loved endlessly at the time (contradiction, yes lol). I loved her more than i did myself, which wasn’t hard at that time, but still true. And i gave it to her… I wish I didn’t now that I’m think about it, she didn’t deserve it.
ps: after reading just know i found all the contents and so so much more :D


Standing behind a dirty window i could never clean
I watch you ride away on a bike I never taught you to ride

Rode away so fast the backdraft sucked happyness from my mouth and tears from my eyes
Blind and speachless I turn to face him
My will and my heart are weak
I fall to the ground and become a spounge
Soaking in his ridicule

I lay like a rape victem
Disposed of in some garabage ridden ditch
Clothes on backwards, blank cold stare, disgusted with my life

This Has To Stop!
This Has To End!
I need to shed these clothes and start again!
Where do i go? Whats the direction?
Whats the plan!

My hand finds, amoung the trash, a little box open and empty
I can read the label though its dusty
“Bryce’s Independance”
“Bryce’s Sanity”
“Bryce’s Happyness”
“Bryce’s Self Confidence”

Where the fuck have the contents gone!?
I’m not gonna ever stop trying to find
My guts I left behind.

genesis (0) (@wearetheillusion) 6 years ago ago

I actually just made this yesterday..

Dan (890) (@danfontaine) 6 years ago ago

@jordan, Cool man!

Eric (1,818)M (@blankey) 6 years ago ago

A song/poem/rap/hiphop thingy ma bobber I wrote yesterday:

Was flyin round down by the astral plane, a girl who was found down by the castle rain, took her to a cool town where we sat ‘n sang, didn’t even know her name, looked into her eyes and to me they scrame, into my heart, one look and she pulled me apart. She took me down to the ocean now, soft breeze make me start slowin down, breathin in and out, feel it like you’re bleedin out, now your seein now.

Chorus (Maybe? Dunno if I like it): So we float up to the top, no stop, nothin to do but wait for the drop. So we float up to the top, no stop, nothin to do but wait for the mop.

Butterflies in the air, just like in your gut, not even a care but to me I’m what? Fuzzy flowers creating the moment, coming down from the gods, and to me I own it. So I broke off that flower, put it in her hair, I gave her the power, and at me she stared. Might as well of been wearin a flair, maybe a couple, and maybe we can be next to the puddle, just forget about your life and the wrongs you’ve done, the vibes were so subtle and at me they run.

Chorus (Maybe? Dunno If i like it): So we float up to the top, no stop, nothin to do but wait for the drop. So we float up to the top, no stop, nothin to do but wait for the mop. And the cycle continues.

Rhythm tent next to me, the way she moved was wreckin me, the way of the mood was let it be, got her number started textin me, after a while we started to move like the nile, 60 miles per hour on the freeway, every moment was sweet, no sour that’s what she say. Now what he say? That’s me, must’ve said something subliminally, cuz she frontin now and never lookin at me….But I guess that’s how it goes, to every start there’s an end to the show.

Em (473) (@emily) 6 years ago ago

I made Alex a quadruple layer funfetti birthday cake this morning: (his aunt photobombed the second shot)

Tony (8) (@oneirogenic) 6 years ago ago

My music. I guess you could call it ambient music. Loving the artwork and the quadruple layer cake is intense!

North (22) (@north) 6 years ago ago

@jpete011, Thanks!

I reallllly like ‘in memory of…’ by the way. It reminds of of C418 (the guy who does the music for minecraft)

Sarah Free (1) (@sarahfree) 6 years ago ago

My blog, Free Thinking. I made the website, “made” (wrote) each post, and made it work!

Meghan (218) (@meghan) 6 years ago ago

@mount0zen, I really like the third one

Bryan Hellard (303)M (@xyver) 6 years ago ago

@convicthammer, Oh hai Shaco

Here’s some shit I made:

I’m trying to convince my parents to let me have some space in the garage so I can set up a welder and some tools to make more metal sculptures, like the flower and rock birds…. No such luck yet :(

Sean LeBlanc (76) (@bongodeburrito) 6 years ago ago

This is my music dump. The top two are with friends (the second being a former friend) and the rest are either solo songs or ideas I wanted to show someone and needed a place to dump them. My personal favorite is Speechless. It’s a staple of me and my friends’ jams, as is the Ballad of Mellow Steve. Why is the first song I wrote and was actually proud of myself for. Its still one of my favorites and I actually got a tattoo to represent the idea it covers.

phanci3 (46) (@phanci3) 5 years, 12 months ago ago

@spiralout great video i just watched it!

Julius (6) (@inaluciddream) 5 years, 12 months ago ago

Here is a video I made highlighting a trip I took to kenya. enjoy!

Jody Hatton (88) (@xdude) 5 years, 12 months ago ago


Thanks everyone, I think I’m cured. ;)

It’s been wonderful seeing all your creations. Never stop creating! That’s an order :P

Brittany (9) (@genesis0318) 5 years, 12 months ago ago

@xyver, holy crap, your stuff is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! It’s really cool to see how it progressed through the years too. Your jewelry is gorgeous too.

Nate Spanos (4) (@kroovaijabe) 5 years, 12 months ago ago

The following link goes to YouTube. You may like what you find there.

It’s a song I wrote. In this particular performance I sacrificed clarity for speed and technique for passion. That’s not to say that these can’t be paired; indeed, they should. I’m just saying that they weren’t in this case.

Jody Hatton (88) (@xdude) 5 years, 12 months ago ago

Congratulations on your monetized content!

That’s a very fun performance. :)

Jody Hatton (88) (@xdude) 5 years, 12 months ago ago

…and I gotta say, I enjoy your performance of Working/Railroad even more! :D

Jody Hatton (88) (@xdude) 5 years, 12 months ago ago

Which month was it when you sang Jingle Bells?

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