Should media be regulated?

3 years, 2 months ago

Much has been said and done on the issue of media regulation. Concerns start from the point of piracy, copyright violations to unsafe and unsuitable data for kids, child pornography etc.

Without going into the details, I would like to know what’s your countries stand on media regulation and to what extent is it regulated? Should internet also come under the ambit of the so-called government regulation, or should it be self-regulatory? With the internet being flooded with more and more bloggers trying to put forth their opinions, should any body (statutory or otherwise) interfere just to make sure that the content being displayed is safe for the audience to view, or is this idea a total ridicule?

What’s your stand?

February 6, 2012 at 2:49 pm

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Profile photo of Michael Michael (@mikey) 3 years, 2 months ago ago

@ Daniel, Hell yea man fuck Censorship, but Lou is right that our media is already censored in the way of corp. sponsors, ads, etc.

@Ren I totally agree with you on female sexuality in America. Its fucked up. Woman are not pieces of meat and should not succeed by how “hot” she is.

Profile photo of Bobba Frett Bobba Frett (@BobbaFrett) 1 month ago ago

Define “safe”.
Should we regualate religious views? Racist views? Political views? Scientific views?
should we relulate the liberal that wants to open your mind or the conservative that wants to keep it narrow?

Profile photo of LVX LVX (@Vovinawol) 1 month ago ago

Since the op has been gone for years, I doubt that you will get an answer from him. If he was still here I would tell him why censor for safety when it’s a parents job to set their router to block the dirt from their kids. It’s easy enough to do from the router or search engine.

Profile photo of Mikey W Mikey W (@mikeyw829) 1 month ago ago

No. If the only thing preventing a person from watching or making child pornography is the fact that they’re going to get punished, then it doesn’t matter anyways. The regulations would just suppress the worst excesses of human behavior, but do nothing to change it fundamentally.

In the US, media appears to be free, but it is actually highly regulated. If you want power and control, the first thing you do is control the flow of information. And that is what is being done. It’s not that the media lies, it’s just they tell partial truths to paint stories in a particular direction. They decide which parts of a story to magnify, and which parts to omit. They also choose what stories to report on, and what stories to ignore, so that the general population is left with a certain perspective on the world that is in the interests of the power hungry.

Thank God for the internet. And I don’t know enough about net neutrality to know if these new laws are a good or bad thing. General consensus seems to be that they are that they support a free and open internet… but the thing about “general consensus” is it is often bullshit…

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