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 Stony Island (@emjay) 6 years ago

Name some of your favorite stand up comics and/or shows… Here go some of my faves.. In Best to almost best order…

1. Dave Chappelle – For What it’s Worth
2. Kevin Hartt – Seriously Funny
3. Kevin James – Sweat the small Stuff
4. Katt Williams – It’s Pimpin’ Pimpin’
5. Jim Gaffigan – Beyond the Pale
6. Katt Williams – American Hustle

February 18, 2012 at 6:52 pm
Stony Island (115) (@emjay) 6 years ago ago

currently watching ‘The Jerk’.. HEEEELARIOUS!
Dude, have you found any ‘unknown gems’ of recent comedy? Man, i love those types of movies that no one knows about…

Manimal (2,993) (@manimal) 6 years ago ago

I don’t know which movies are ‘unknow gems’ that no one knows about, I don’t stay up to date with popular culture. I don’t watch a lot of movies. I’m not sure what you consider recent either.

Stony Island (115) (@emjay) 6 years ago ago

How do you get your kicks?

Manimal (2,993) (@manimal) 6 years ago ago

Robin Williams is also pretty damn funny, in an obnoxious way.

I mostly watch swedish standup though, but you guys wouldn’t know who the guys are or what they’re saying so posting any names would be pointless.

@tony I go on adventures, I work out, I have fun with the ladies, I vibe with my buddies, I read books, and I do productive shit.

Stony Island (115) (@emjay) 6 years ago ago

Guys… Not stand up but… EQUALLY HEEEELARIOUS!!!! Family Guy…

Cody (11) (@3ndless3uphoria) 6 years ago ago

~George Carlin
~Louis C.K

West (78) (@west) 6 years ago ago

Demetri Martin- Person

I used to love his stand up. I still think he comedy is nothing short of genius.

Greg Crossfield (0) (@gcrossfield) 6 years ago ago

I’m surprised that Bill Hicks wasn’t mentioned more often..

For me its:

Louis C.K.
Bill Hicks
Rhys Darby (Murray from Flight of the Conchords)
Dave Chappelle
George Carlin

Stanislava (0) (@thephi) 6 years ago ago

In my country we don’t have such problems with racism and obviously that makes us more open-minded.

SumtinProphetic (4,923) (@sumtinprophetic) 6 years ago ago

Ron White “Tater salad” is on the CMT channel if you’re operating on EST… just a heads up =D

Anonymous (13) (@) 6 years ago ago

Eddie Griffin – You can Tell’em I said it

Check it out. its hilarous!

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